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Most of the students or even professional workers are into this field. And blogging is not difficult or multifaceted who works as bloggers leisurely or as a profession. But the main issue is most of the potential bloggers usually lacks in this field as they do some very mistakes which let them down in the market and so is their work. Some of these mistakes or you may say blunders are enlisted below which will help you to watch out from such mistakes.

 Mistake 1: You think of initiatives in blankness.

Ideas can come to you at random moments or can be rise in any situation maybe while you’re driving or having a dinner or probably brushing your teeth ideas can come. It’s not appalling if that you pay heed towards those random sort of ideas but the main issue is these random ideas or you may say initiatives are somehow not suitable or appropriate for your company or blogging agency.

Solution:  The main reason for which you are blogging is to expand and intensify your business and its repute. The initiatives which you may articulate must be well-planned as it directly affects on your business and its growth. The ideas which you articulated must be related to the company. Random ideas can simply devastate your company if you start working upon them without any planning.

Before blogging always discuss your ideas and conceptions with your company and the responsible people who can facilitate you in determining the goals and objectives of the company. Then only you can articulate your ‘random’ ideas into something fruitful and thriving.

Mistake 2: Your writing style is too rigid.

Writing a blog is extremely different from writing an exam paper or any story or essay. But when a new blogger or you may say fresher enters into this business he has no idea of blog writing and they trail the other formats. Writing a letter or exam paper style is not effective as blog should be as it’s written for pleasure reading. If your blog is catchy and interesting then only the readers will read out the whole blog. And for this you need to add flexibility in your blog to catch their attention.

Solution: Mostly people enjoy the blogs which are written in conversation styles as it makes them feel like they are conversing with the blogger. It’s quite catchy and appalling style and is encouraged by most of the readers. The more influential and appalling your writing style will be more people will enjoy it. It will make them feel contented and realistic.

So make your writing style a bit flexible and catchy so the readers won’t get bore of it and will definitely enjoy it. Get out or throw away the rigidness from your blog and make it more comprehensible.

Mistake 3: You believe that people care about for you as a writer.

Well the readers are quite un-friendly or you may say they really don’t care who you are this sounds bad but this is the reality check. As everyone cares for themselves they have no concern to the bloggers feeling or emotions. All they care about is what you can teach them or what information you are providing them. It will take a lot of time to grab their attention as the new bloggers in the business deems that readers care for them. But the reality is entirely different from this as the readers only care what information you are providing and how much beneficial it is for them.

Solution:  The only solution for this problem is that the blogger must be so potential and astounding so he could attract and grab the reader’s attention. People really don’t care who has written the blog. The only care about what information the blog is giving them and how beneficial it is for them. It is you who can make yourself conspicuous among your readers by your writing style and articulation. Your writing should reflect your personality and its traits.

Your blog must have a bit of humor in it as some of the readers like humorous blogs and they get bore if this element is not present in the blog.

Mistake 4: Your topics are too extensive.

The beginners or fresher in the field tries to write on the topics which are quite extensive and broad and they pay more heed towards these sorts of topics which covers a vast subject. They choose those topics which needs experience and a lot of research work. For instance these topics such as, optimization of the social media and the expansion of your business or cab you profoundly HTML utilized to make the most prolific websites and many other similar topics which are quite extensive.

Such topics or the mentioned topics are quite extensive and broad ones and to write on these topics you need experience and for a fresher it turn out to be difficult to comprehend and articulate their conceptions which automatically devastates the whole blog. And leaves an awful impression on the readers and this is how you lose the attention of the readers. Because in such topics each and every point and detail should be mentioned and interpreted in a way that the reader can easily comprehend it.

Solution: The fresher and new bloggers should choose or go for the topics which are precise but creative and specific so they could easily grab the reader’s attention. Always write on the topic which you can first understand completely than write a blog on it. Never write blogs on the topics which you even don’t understand.

Author Bio: I am Victoria Lucy, I have been working in Web Design Agency in UK as a Content Writer. I yearn to moil for this company, an inimitable and fine company to endeavor. It is a premium services yielded and impeccable for its consumers.


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