Boost the Resale Value of Your Home with These Essential Practices

The condition of the property determines its cost. Improving its condition can significantly increase the resale value. However, you do not need to spend tons of money to conduct the renovation that may not even pay at the end. The key to boosting the value of your property lies in doing specific renovations which are worth more than you think.

The Dubai property market has a wide variety of properties to cater to all needs. Townhouses and apartments are the most common and are placed in posh locations such as the Emaar Dubai Creek Harbour. Most Dubai Creek beach projects are sold off-plan and are expected to be complete soon. Real estate projects like these already have a high resale value as they are developed keeping all the modern technology trends in mind.

But if you’re the owner of a not-so-much-modern property in Dubai then here are some affordable tips to improve your property’s resale value:

i. The façade and main entrance

The first impression matters a lot to potential buyers. In most cases, the façade and the main entrance are the first things they will see as they approach the house. Make sure the exteriors walls are in good condition and painted where appropriate. It should not feature cracks, chips or faded paint. Also, the path leading to the house and the whole entrance area should look good. If there are exteriors lights, they should be working properly too.

ii. Clean thoroughly

Most people may assume it, but a thorough cleaning can help to facelift the condition of the house and even increase the resale value. So, it is important to attend to all the damp areas and clean the carpets and rugs. Also, make sure you have repaired the cracks on the walls and the floors. Every element in the house should look sparkling clean and well arranged.

iii. The kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most crucial factor buyers consider when buying a house. A functional kitchen with good quality elements can significantly increase the value of your property. Features such as energy-efficient appliances, sturdy countertops and quality cabinets can help to boost the overall value of the house. The layout and organisational structure of the kitchen should allow users to move freely.

iv. Bathrooms

Once you are done with the kitchen, you should turn your attention to the bathrooms. It should be an attractive space that features a modern look. You may like certain colours but they might be a turn off to potential buyers. Even though it is good to keep things as simple as possible, it is important to make the bathroom to be as functional as possible. If you are lucky enough to have plenty of natural lighting, take advantage of it.

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