Bridal Nath Designs to Flaunt in Weddings

When it comes to bridal attire and bridal jewellery there are many small things that makes the look complete. Especially when it comes to Indian brides, there are a few things that may not look mandatory but addition of those can make them look gorgeous.

Indian traditional brides always go for some bridal nathsor nose rings and maangtikas to complete their bridal look apart from necklace and earrings. When it comes to bridal nath designs, there are plenty and one can check waman hari pethe nath collection to look for both trendy and traditional designs. Here are some major varieties that one can consider if they want to wear a nath on their wedding day.

South Indian Nose Ring

The South Indian nath is also traditionally called the ‘Mukhutti’. This can be a stunner if one wears them on a wedding day. This is mainly made from gold and then they are decorated with rubies and emeralds. It is a traditional nose ring design which is mainly worn with a chain to complement the other golden jewelleries and the bridal wear. Sometimes, the bride can also go for a gold stud instead of a round nath or a traditional bridal nose ring.

Marathi Nose Ring

This is one of the most popular nose ring designs around the world. This is wide spread in a lot of countries can these nath designs are not only a part of the popular culture, it is an integral part of the traditional culture as well. One can wear this on their wedding day and this will look really great with all the bridal attires. They are either made of gold or white gold along with multi-coloured gems and pearls.

Bengali Nose Ring

If one is looking for a simple but gorgeous option as a nose ring to compliment well the other bridal attires, then one can go for this with their eyes closed. They are made from gold and some light smattering of pearls along with a latkan or an elegant chain. A Bengali nose ring completes the wedding look perfectly. They complement totally the abundance of red in the Bengali wedding and have some traditional yet trendy designs to die for.

Punjabi Nose Ring

The traditional Punjabi rings are also known as ‘Laung’ and this nose stud is mainly clove shaped with some precious gems embedded on it at folds. This one is very popular in regions of North India and when it is worn with wedding attire then it gives the bride an alluring look.

Gold Nose Ring

They are not only beautiful but they are fascinating and enchanting as well. The contemporary designs of gold naths have some stunning varieties. These contemporary designs not only go well with the bridal looks but one can also wear them in any occasion when they are wearing any heavy Indian attire.

One can check waman hair pethenath price as these can be worn by women in any occasion than only weddings. But these can always complete Indian bridal attire and any bride can flaunt them.

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