Why Your Business Needs a Phone System

In the digital ages it is possible to think that you may not need phone systems for business. After all, the cell phone is an exceptionally useful tool. A good cell phone can handle phone calls, video calls and accept all your email; allowing you to deal with people whilst on the move. This can be exceptionally beneficial; especially when you first start trading and you have very limited personnel.

Business man holding a mobile phone with cloud connection concept

Business man holding a mobile phone with cloud connection concept

However, it is still an accepted fact that a business needs a phone system. You can choose between two main types of system:

1. Digital Phone systems for Business
This is the latest technology and offers a wide range of features along with the ability to adapt and integrate new technology as it arises. The digital phone systems for business will usually operate over the internet. This means that you can handle far more calls coming and going than with a conventional system. You can also effortlessly link with staff and customers in locations all over the globe.

However, if you have an issue with the internet you may find that your phones are down to; effectively crippling your business!

2. Analogue Phone Systems – Business
This is the more conventional approach. Phone calls are routed through the hard telecom lines you see everywhere. The system is simple and does not usually go wrong; unless a physical line is down somewhere. However, the features included in this type of phone systems for business are very limited and it has no real ability to adapt and improve for the future.

Analogue phone systems are generally cheaper to install than their digital counterparts; although it is likely that a digital system will cost less in the long term.

Reasons why you need Phone Systems for Business
There are several convincing arguments to ensure you obtain good phone systems for your business:

Customer Contact
It is possible to deal with your customers exclusively via email. However, it is also possible that customers will question the authenticity of your business if you do not have a phone number; this can cost you many customers. This may be surprising in a digital age where customers frequently visit social media before placing an order, but the truth is that a genuine company will have phone systems for business to ensure customers can contact them directly if necessary.

Speed & Efficiency
It can become difficult to keep track of every email which goes through your inbox. Sometimes the best way to deal with a customer or for them to deal with you is to speak directly to you. Phone systems for business are essential to make this happen. It is still the fastest way to get an answer!

Perhaps the biggest reason to have phone systems in business is the fact that there are so many features built into modern systems. You can conference call, forward messages or simply have an auto reply service. All of which can make it much easier for you to conduct your business and still provide the type of service your customer expects and deserves.

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