Why Your Business Website Should Be Mobile Optimized?


2015 proved to be the landmark year – it was the year when the searches form mobiles overtook desktops. Even experts did not believe this to happen that early but then, you can’t predict technology!
What’s more, the share of mobile is rising at a staggering rate in the overall web traffic and why not, some 1.5 billion people now access the web from mobile devices.
Quite clearly, a major shift has come in the market where businesses just can’t ignore mobile and smartphones. This is where the need is felt for a website that is friendly to mobile in the same manner as it’s to any other devices.
But, what if your website is not mobile friendly? This could mean many things, including –

Your business won’t be able to reach to those users who are on the go

Your business will fail to get the kind of traffic it deserves

Your business will fail to benefit from the ever-growing number of smartphone

Quite clearly, mobile is now a dominant force and no business can ignore it. And if it’s ignored, this means, the business in question will suffer a great deal.

Here are reasons why your website needs to be mobile optimized –

Google matters
Businesses must understand that mobile friendly websites now get Google preference when it comes to SERP rankings and visibility, and this is something not to be ignored.

User experience holds the key
Search engines including Google, want to give mobile users a better web experience and this is why they have included mobile friendliness as a ranking factor.

More users are going mobile
Every 8 out of 10 internet users now have a smartphone and they access the web from their device making it important for your business to not ignore the ever-soaring usages and popularity of mobile.

Web access from mobile is rising
In the days to come, more people will access the web from their smartphones and with not a mobile optimized website, your business may not be able to benefit from this upward swing.

Traffic is rising
Some 60% of all traffic comes from mobile and this figure will rise up further in near future and this is something no business can afford to ignore for sure.

Same people, different behaviour
Mobile users are a different lot altogether as their pattern of accessing the web is different which can only be met with a website that is designed keeping them in mind.

People on-the-go matter
With mobile optimized sites, your business will find it easy to tap into on-the-go generation of users and their preferences for visual media and more buying habits.

Mobile users buy more
Mobile users not only spend more time accessing the web but they even buy more than desktop ones (although they make small transactions more frequently) and they can be leveraged only with a mobile optimized website.

Multi-device sales cycle
Users today engage in a multi-device sales cycle where they often access the web, analyse the feature, get clarity and make purchase – all with their different devices and this is where having a mobile optimized sites can help a lot.

Social activities
More users now use mobile to access social activities and this trend has been growing in recent times helping businesses (with mobile optimized sites) in the process for their digital marketing endeavours.

Quite clearly, it seems the world has moved on to mobile and your business too should follow the trend. So, the ideal scenario is to trust website development India and get a chance to capitalize on an ever-growing number of mobile users. So, trust only an expert and make your business grow.

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