How can set privacy settings on Facebook

All of aware, most trending platform of social media which is Facebook. Around million of people connected to each other over the world.

Its provide latest facility like sharing information,photos, update to date news feed and so on.

Despite all facility some times you are face more problem like any one steal your updated photos and business brand lead information.

Sometimes it happens Facebook users are disturbed by threats, abuse, filthy image and abusive things by unauthorized person.

However, in this type of happening then you think on their mind how to protect them. For this happen you should set a privacy on Facebook account and prevent it.

So, Now we will discuss in brief “How can set privacy settings on Facebook”.

Here’s Some points to set up Privacy settings

  • First -of -all you will login to Facebook account. Display Facebook login Page then go to Settings menu which is show on navigation bar-it’s in the drop-down menu from the downward-pointing arrow in the top right corner.
  • After that go to in the left hand column where as show many option you will click on Privacy Settings.
  • Display the Privacy settings page you can set all of these option by edit link button. There are two type of category first is “Your activity” and second is “How people can find and contact you”.
  • If you want to set on your activity then Show three option you can click edit and change your settings according to need. Like as you want edit “Who can see your future posts?” set to Public, Friend, Friends except or more then close this button.
  • For second category, you have to do the same things which you have done in first. You will see “Who can send you friend requests?” in second option then click edit button and set to everyone, Friend of friends (According to needs. After that close.
  • Just like that, You will proceed. Show the one more option “Who can see your friends list?”. Click Edit Button which you want to set Public, Friends, Only me after that close. Therefore you can protect your account from others users by setting a privacy.

Facebook familiar to anyone So, you are always aware to unauthorized login. Because mostly users have fake account and they are using some unnecessarily things cyber crime like that.

You can use adjust your settings to make sure you’re sharing with who you want. And you can regularly checking the audience for your profile information and posts. Your privacy settings shortcut also gives to quick access on Facebook account.

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