How can today’s invention make our future technology better?

Innovation means when something new is discovered. It opens up the pathway for new technological dynamic changes. For insurance David Humphry’s invention of electricity in 1800’s was a complete failure until Thomas Edison discovered the electric bulb creating a revolutionary change all over the world. It brought electricity to the whole world which is a necessity today. Stating that an unsuccessful invention can give birth to life changing important technologies in future.

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Some inventions can change our lives forever like the telephone and electricity. Let’s explore some great revolutionary discoveries which are sure to surprise you.

  1. Smart underpants
    Sounds weird? Well, it is actually the data analysis underpants. It was discovered by a Finnish Company known as Myontec. These devices have electromyography sensors which collect data from your quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus muscles. The collected data is then transferred to the computer and analysed to point out whether you need workout or not.
  2. Live Screen
    Do you remember the Iron Man scene where Tony Stark simply multitasks and swipes the screen which pops up just in front of him? Mark Rolston feels we should not always be bounded by our laptops, Smartphones and tablets. He says we can multitask, by simply converting our kitchen slabs into a screen. Future is all about multitasking.
  3. Automatic Hair Wash
    Yes you read it right. It’s such a cumbersome job to some people to wash their hair. So to make your job easy this simple machine will do the work in just 15 minutes. Best technology for lazy people to help them out with this automated machine. There are nostrils present to fill shampoo and massage in onto your scalp. And the water will wash out the shampoo from your hair.
  4. Doctor at your beck and call
    Researchers at the Michigan International centre for Automotive Machine created a model where your cars can automatically connect you to the emergency doctor at the time of accident. The predictive models were cross-referenced to study how the crash data would provide 3D scans of the victims and the speed and location of impact.
  5. Electric fibre
    A group of physicists at Forest Wake University developed a fabric which would double as a spare outlet. If you used this fabric on your shirt, due to the difference of the temperature in the armpits and cuff the electricity would be generated. The body temperature differences can vary up to 10 degrees which is enough to charge an MP3 player.Isn’t it hard to believe these inventions? Well, the future revolves around these innovations. You too can be the one who can innovate even newer technology which can be more shocking. You can master in this art by Android App Development training in Gurgaon, Delhi by pursuing remarkable knowledge practically. Well trained experts will help you from the basics to the most advanced level to nourish your skills and to develop a new software. You can be the next one to bring out newer technology and shock the world.
    You have the potential to change the world. No challenge will be great for you. You be a ninja at all skills.
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