The Changing World of Global Marketing

Long gone are the days of buying advertising space in newspapers and magazines or printing out leaflets to put through customer’s doors. All of those strategies have been pushed to the side now to make way for the future of marketing and advertising in the form of the ‘world wide web’ or as we commonly refer to it, the internet. With technology taking dominance over other common marketing techniques that have been utilised over the years it is now even faster and more effective to use online methods to market your brand, company and services.

We have taken a closer look at some of the online marketing trends which are set to rule the global marketing world in 2016.

For many companies and small businesses having the right marketing strategy is of upmost importance to their success. There are varying forms of marketing services available and at different budget levels also. A large company for example may have a set amount of money put aside per year purely for the purpose of marketing and advertising where other small businesses tend to do their own marketing to cut costs. No matter what size your budget is there are many ways to make the most of the internet and use it to your advantage.

Video advertising is now becoming a popular method of marketing with many companies choosing to promote their services via sites such as YouTube, Bing or Facebook. All of the above allow the option of adding videos to your business pages at no extra cost. With so many people being constantly on the go these days with work and other commitments, they are more likely to watch or listen to a short video than read a full page of advertising thus proving quite effective in most cases.

Something you hear many people discussing these days is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This involves using keywords in any web content you use to advertise your company or services. When those keywords are typed in to a Google search they will be directed to your website thus bringing more traffic and page views to your services. Using SEO correctly can be a highly effective marketing tool and many companies now this technique. If using a marketing agency some of them charge per click to your site so it is in their best interest to ensure your page is getting viewed by thousands of new visitors on a regular basis.

Mobile marketing and app indexing are another great source of marketing due to increasing popularity of smart phones and other personal mobile devices. With the desktop beginning to fade in to the background more businesses are using phone apps and mobile sites to market themselves. With fewer people using their desktop computers and laptops in favour of their phones and tablets it is no wonder mobile marketing is taking over. A vast majority of companies will update their app on a daily basis rather than their websites as they know their app is getting more views on a daily basis. With other devices being launched annually (e.g. the Apple watch) more and more people are turning to mobile marketing strategies to keep up with modern marketing trends.

Marketing has always been very big business and looks set to become even more so in the future. With many advertising companies deciding to put their cost of marketing up it will cause many of the smaller businesses to be pushed out of the running completely. Keeping up with your competitors will be challenging so a successful online marketing technique will be more important than ever before.

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