Charge Your Battery in One Minute!!!!

Charge Your Battery in One Minute!!!!


Charge your Battery in One Minute!!!!

         As we all know Lithium Battery is main source for us since the day we born. And even we use as main source for mobile , laptop and wrist watches as battery. So now a days utilization of energy source has become regular, and consumption it occurs everyday. Till date Lithium Battery was providing a base for storing energy and consuming, as we say charging and discharging.


Charge Your Battery in One Minute!!!!

And we also know that charging time taken by Lithium battery is at-least one hour and it goes upto 4 to 5 hours. and discharging will not sustain for long time. And also extra charging incurs catch fire. So it is very risky to use at every stage.In one word handling is very difficult.

So to overcome from this problem , Stanford University has developed a battery which is  new type of battery made up of Aluminium-ion.And the main important advantage is ,it charges in just one minute. and it is safer to use compared to Lithium Batteries. And the fact is that it can cycle more than 7,500 times without any loss of capacity , while other batteries won’t sustain such a long cycle which is  7.7 times lesser than lithium ion Batteries.

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Having so much advantage over Lithium ion Batteries let’s see some of the major limitations

Voltage : Aluminum can produce only 2 volts, lesser than lithium ion which produces about 3.6 volts.

Electricity: Aluminium can carry only 40W of electricity/KG compared to Lithium battery which has 100 to 206W/kg.


To overcome from this issue, Mr.Dai has Said, Only to improve the voltage and Energy is by Improving the Cathode material. otherwise our battery has every thing which which you have dreamed like inexpensive electrodes , good safety , high speed charging, long cycle and flexible to use.

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