How To Choose a Data Recovery Company in Case of Data Loss

Information is the lifeblood of the business and therefore is always stored inside the company, whether on simple computers, pen drives or robust RAID systems. Mechanical and electrical failures, virus contamination, system malfunctions, accidental deletions, formatting, natural problems (with water, fire, or smoke, for example) and impact are just some of the problems that can lead to data loss.

So what do you do if you need raid server repair nyc? Ideal is to turn to a data recovery company quickly and preferably without intervening on the damaged media.

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At this point, the question arises: how to choose a trustworthy company? Is it easy? See below the main requirements that the company must meet and have more confidence to hire it:

1. Specialization

Make sure the company specializes in the media you need to recover – many of them have expertise in only one type of media, such as HD, RAID, Memory Card, pen drive, and more.

2. Stealth

It is essential that the company ensures in contract, absolute secrecy in the process of information retrieval. So you do not run the risk of your data being accessed by other people.

3. Term

Do not forget to ask the deadline – some companies charge below the market price, but it takes a long time to deliver the media and the data. Recovery time varies by device and problem, but the estimated average is 10 business days.

4. Price

Be sure to compare prices – it is impossible to estimate values, but it is possible to identify a reasonable price average by comparing prices between different companies, taking into account the delivery deadline and the quality of service history, which in turn, can be seen through some success stories.

5. Table of contents

Ask the company to show you your success rates on data recovery, specifically on the type of media you need to recover. Good recovery rates are about 80% successful, while companies with lower indices should be questioned.

6. Laboratory

Make sure the company has a “Clean Room Class 100” laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art technology, climate control and protection against dust and moisture. If possible, ask to see the certificate from the technicians who will perform the operation on your media. When all backup sectors are used, bad blocks begin to appear on the hard drive. What the HDD Regenerator tries to re-read the bad sectors and marks them as if they are good. If it cannot, it marks them as faulty and removes them from the disk index. With this, the actual HD capacity will be slightly reduced as well, since they will be subtracted from the total disk capacity.

We, a data recovery company meet all of these listed requirements. We work with the philosophy that, “if the data is not recovered, the customer does not pay”. Get in touch with us at this site.

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