Choosing Your Chipset Sensibly: Knowing the Features of MediaTek and Qualcomm

As we are living in the modern era where technology is everywhere, the improvement and enhancement of electronics will always be on the rise and will know no boundaries. One of the most popular samples of these technological advancements is primarily our smartphone.

Nowadays, a smartphone processor is way more dominant than what we believe. When we discuss the smartphone’s performance, everyone is knowledgeable performance relies on the hardware and optimizations by the distinctive labels and developers.

A System on Chip or SoC which has the size of a tiny coin, does wonders for performance when linked with sufficient software. When we speak about processors, the two labels which have dominated the market are Qualcomm and MediaTek.

During the time, Qualcomm is more well-known in European countries and in the United States. MediaTek on the other hand, has gradually captured comparatively larger market shares in South Asia. At any rate, what precisely are the determinants which make processors between these two producers different and particular in their function? Let us find out here.

Where Everything Began

First off, Qualcomm, based in the United States has been in the industry for a very long time than Mediatek. The American business established itself in 1985 where it originally designed a satellite finding and messaging assistance known as OmniTRACS.

The original Snapdragon processor was in rising popularity in the year 2005 when smartphones were yet to secure any significant influence among users.

Meanwhile, MediaTek which is a Taiwanese industry set up in 1997 where it initially started to produce chipsets for digital TVs, DVD Players, Gadgets, etc. Essentially, Qualcomm already has a huge advantage in the form of an early start ahead of MediaTek.


A striking contrast which plays a critical role if you happen to be a graphic-intensive consumer, is the GPU or the Graphics Processing Unit. Qualcomm and MediaTek both utilize a diverse set of GPUs along with their array of benefits and problems.

MediaTek processors usually combine with Mali GPU which is created by the ARM or Advanced RISC Machine while Qualcomm couples in the Adreno lineup of the GPU. This is the point where things get exciting as Mali GPUs are merely not inferior to the Adreno variant.

Reasonable vs. Pricey

One concern with Qualcomm processors was that the company held a hefty asking price for Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEMs to integrate into their smartphones. This issue is where MediaTek directed and produced its comparatively affordable spectrum of processors.

Chinese smartphone producers quickly recognized the potential and began making smartphones using MediaTek processors as a basis. There was the period when a surge of resources MediaTek-based smartphones reached the Indian market.

On the other hand, Qualcomm was still the leader when it comes to mid-range or front-runner smartphones that appeared into the picture. If you want to have a great selection of smartphones, then you may visit Deal Wiki.

Additional Cores vs. Greater Performance

Another contest which has been escalating pretty swiftly between these organizations is Power vs. Performance. While nearly all of the chipsets from MediaTek emphasize more on power, the Qualcomm chipsets are more focused on performance.

This reason is why smartphones and particularly inexpensive smartphones operating with MediaTek processors would simply surpass the ones operating its Qualcomm counterpart. On the other hand, sometimes more power in MediaTek processors developed with the unneeded compromise on battery survival as well as overheating problems.


In determining which variant you should choose, you must figure out your preferences firstly. If you want to go for an inexpensive device and desire no compromise on power, then MediaTek chipsets will unmistakably offer you with better assistance.

However, if you are a consumer who desires an overall performance and solid developer assistance, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon variety of chipsets must be your choice all day.

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