Cloud CDN services – An Overview

You want to choose cloud CDN services that work for your site the best. Cloud CDN combines the best of content delivery systems with cloud computing, bringing to you effortless delivery of content to users of the site. Slow loading pages are one of the main causes of visitor disinterest. In this day and age, when websites are using not just text but also videos and graphics to make their sites more attractive it is important to ensure that the content loads easily and quickly. This is where cloud CDN services are guaranteed to be useful.

Choosing cloud CDN services

Principle of cloud CDN

The principle behind cloud CDN services is the use of server networks. This involves notifying closest servers when content is requested by a user. This diminished page loading time. Another way to speed the process is to store content for future use by the same user. The goal is to get content to the user quickly, speeding up the time taken for response.

Cloud CDN services  

Cloud CDN service involves the use of cloud servers to get content to users. This enables faster site loading speed, one of the major advantages of using a cloud CDN service. Fast site loading is beneficial for many reasons. First would be increased visitor interest in the site, since the pages load quickly. Most site owners are aware that slow pages are one of the major causes of visitor disinterest and abandonment of shopping carts.

The second benefit of fast loading pages relates to better rankings with search engine. Good search engine ranking boosts your credibility and also helps more visitors find your site. This is one of the major reasons you want to move to cloud CDN services, when you want to offer better service to visitors.

When choosing cloud CDN services, you need to keep in mind certain specifics, discussed below.

Server network

Cloud CDN networks are vast to enable content to reach in any geography. Therefore you would want to ensure that the network is able to deliver content speedily to the geographies where most of your visitors originate. You would also want to ensure that in the event of worldwide visitor count, the cloud CDN network is large enough to cater to all visitors.

Site transfer

There are plenty of ways to ensure easy site transfer, should you be using another hosting service. You would first want to ask the new service provider if site transfer is offered, and what it involves. Usually providers offer free transfer, ensuring you don’t have to worry about the technical specifics of the process. The site transfer will be easy and fast.


The process of setting your site up with a cloud CDN should be easy. Again, the service provider offers much of the technical assistance and you don’t have to worry about the site transfer too much. You can also ensure that your business loses no time and get online as soon as possible.

99.9% uptime

Nothing indicates reliability of the hosting service better than uptime. Choosing cloud CDN services becomes easier when you have the right uptime guarantees. This ensures that the service is maintained well, and monitored constantly.


The data centers are secure against unauthorized access, fire, and have power backup in place. Additionally, the servers are protected with climate control and cooling systems. The servers are located in safe areas, where maintenance is a priority. For account security, users are offered encrypted passwords, and other measures. Also, sites are protected against spam and malware.

Load balancers

Cloud networks have the benefit of load balancing to protect against downtime. If one node fails to perform, other nodes in the network take over. Also, there are measures to ensure that the load is evenly distributed across the nodes. This keeps the system functioning optimally.

Technical support

Technical support should be available round the clock. You would want to be attended to by experienced engineers when you run into technical difficulties. You would also want that the support offered be available through phone or live chat, in addition to email. These are important criteria to ensure that the support is always available when you need it. Be it a routine question, or an emergency, you should be able to reach tech support easily.


The best reason to choose good cloud CDN services would be the right pricing structure. This ensures that you are able to get content delivered to visitors within your budget. With the best prices, your site will be optimized in search engine rankings, and get more visitor engagement. The multiple benefits offered through cloud CDN is all yours, for a price that is reasonable. You can choose from a variety of plans to fit all budgets and requirements.

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