Which Cloud Storage Services Are HIPAA Compliant?

Nowadays, computer hard drives are getting bombarded with information and this has caused a worry among computer users. Due to the limited capacity of hard drives, most behaviorial professionals are looking for a more reliable, reputable company to whom they can entrust their client’s information. Most data storage companies created robust services which clearly state their level of compliance with HIPAA.


While most companies resort to purchasing an external hard drive to store data, cloud storage is considered one of the best options to use when it comes storing large data. With cloud storage, you can access information for anywhere, anytime and from any device. It is considered the most secured way of protection your data from unauthorized access. Cloud service providers should also offer you the legal protections of Business Associate’s Agreement to safeguard “Protected Health Information” (PHI) especially as a covered entity. It is also applicable to those companies that are not a covered entity as well. HIPAA also states that as a covered entity you are not only obliged to choose the right service. In the United States, there are some processes defined by HIPAA that needs to be properly encrypted to safeguard your data and information from theft. Some of the processes include

  • Uploaded data into storage server(s) must meet HIPAA encryption standards
  • while on the storage server, your data must meet HIPAA encryption standards
  • while retrieving from the storage server, your data must meet HIPAA encryption standards
  • all downloaded data must meet HIPAA encryption standards.

There are times  in life when the things you don’t have good knowledge about can hurt you. HIPAA requires that you have detailed information of what you are about doing and that you carry out regular risk assessments. If you have your data stored on one of the many cloud storage companies and reach an agreement to get notification via email that your data has been stored or transferred properly. If you receive any message with information about the transfer or storage of your file in your non-encrypted email box, this shows how vulnerable you are. This is one of the ways through which you can create HIPAA violation without knowing

There are new clinical initiatives evolving these days and health care technology experts are saddled with the responsibility of creating an enabling environment that can help secure and protect patient data. If you are faced with such responsibility, building a HIPAA complaint cloud storage infrastructure is the best option for you.

Before hiring a cloud service provider, it is very important to know if they understand your HIPAA requirements. Are there personnel on ground saddled with the responsibility of matching the cloud service provider’s processes and protocols with HIPAA requirement? It is very important to carry out a comprehensive assessment on the service provider you want to use. this offers you the chance to know if they are qualified and can successfully manage cloud services. Choose a CSO that has the appropriate technology and offers services that meets HIPPA requirement for data security.

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