Company formation: 6 online tools for a successful start-up

“Although forming a company isn’t fun, you do need the legal stuff. Take online tools for a change”

Company formation in the UAE or at any other place starts with a dream about a distinct logo, unique name, marketing strategy and so on. While that’s all fine and dandy, only the real entrepreneurs think of crucial stuff such as license permits, trademark paperwork or perhaps naming an agent under an LLC setting.

These steps are necessary defined by state and federal jurisdictions, there’re a number of online services to streamline the process right from the start. Still, it’s better consulting an attorney even after the digital resources. Check out a few common tools to begin with;

It’s an extensive website that helps you register for patents and trademarks; form an “S” or “C” corporation and even an LLC. That’s not all; you can even get help with copyrights and annual reports. You need to create an account as the service gives you a walkthrough of the entire procedure. Each section defines the essential facts such as why labelling a registered agent is important and also includes directional links to gather more information. Cost depends on the type and number of services you would exploit!

Rocket Lawyer
This particular site also operates much similarly to LegalZoom as you need filling and submitting an online form. The only difference which is a real pro-fact is monthly fee of using the website instead of charging per document. Few add-ons include an NDA form which is crucial for product announcement and hiring agreements. Plus, you’ll also receive referrals from legal attorneys as documents are filled as well as review for perfection.

Corporate filings and trademark searches are primary services of this website. Not only you can search for a unique business title but see if it’s already in use and by whom. The “business maintenance” section helps with creation of the annual report and subscription for tax-exemption status.

Perhaps the most important and often overlooked, licensing is your key to proceed with business operations. License123 offers cost-free search tool to find a specific service niche from consultation, auto repair to contracting and retailing. Once industry and operating state is selected, you can download essential forms that’ll cost not more than $50.

Considered a parent website of License123, you can easily find crucial business forms for just about any purpose on DocStoc such as filing trademarks, creating an advertising strategy and most importantly; company formation in the UAE or any other desired state. You can even archive forms and documents on the website’s database which is another best feature. To exploit services at their fullest, go for premium membership plan for around $20 per month.

With LivePlan, you can efficiently start and manage a business plan. The document is useful to find investors or securing a bank loan following a pre-defined format with which you can calculate start-up costs, develop advertising and sales strategy as well as enter names of all those involves throughout the process. The plan(s) can be adjusted as your business grows.


With so many online tools, you can ensure a successful start-up and see it grow in time.

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