Connect to the Internet Wirelessly via WiFi Hotspot

Wireless hotspot are similar to the wireless access points mainly found in public or municipal locations used to provide Internet and to access its features on all your smart devices like wireless computers, laptops or smartphones even when you are miles away from your home or office. Usually, WiFi venues include cafes, libraries, hotels, restaurant and even hotels. Hotspots make it very easy for a person to get online anytime; anywhere you go, and such kind of public WiFi come with security concerns. But remember, you should disable communal WiFi during your Netgear Router Setup.

How can you Detect a WiFi Hotspot

Your wireless-equipped device like computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet may notify you when the device is in the range of a public or a private wireless network. If you are not able to see information regarding the same, what you can do is go to your network settings (WiFi) and find the active hotspot areas.

  • If you enable the setting of the WiFi, then it will automatically notify you when you walk into a starbucks. Each and every store carries an individual home screen. As soon as the smartphone of yours alert you, just hit Accept and Connect to continue. Remember, not only starbucks offer you the service of a free WiFi. Nowadays, every coffee shop has the facility of it.
  • Generally, restaurant that offers a hotspot for their customers usually have information on a table of their entrance. You just have to ask for the password in order to sign in and to enjoy the services of a free WiFi.
  • Now, coming to hotels as soon as you check in just ask the desk clerk for the WiFi password to sign in. this service may be complimentary that hotels offers to their customers.
  • Shopping mall, libraries, public building, bookstores as well as airports also have the benefits of free hotspot for their customers.

 Unite with a Hotspot

Joining with a hotspot in order to use the Internet connection typically starts with a webpage that identifies the list and terms of the hotspot to use its features and facilities. In most cases, the WiFi hotspot network is encrypted, so you just need to get the security details from the hotspot owner to establish the network connection properly.

 Beware of Threats and Hacks

Most of the people take such situation lightly and do their Netgear Router Installation in presence of a public WiFi. We would like to suggest such users do disable the WiFi setting during the process of the setup and installation of your router. If you are connected to your own private network, then disconnect with the entire third-party neighboring network and just keep connected to your personal one.

The crisis using a public hotspot is just that they are released in a public place or a network. You could be sharing a connection just because it s free and not only you, but everyone would like to enjoy the free feature of a WiFi hotspot. But you should be careful of hacking because a hotspot you are using is not the private one that you are using. Wicked hackers can hack an open WiFi that is enabling for communal and users.

 What precautions can you take?

  • Turn it off while sharing of personal and confidential files or data.
  • Activate firewall and install antivirus protection on your device to avoid the diffusion of infected data and malware.
  • Turn off automatic connections to all the nearby available networks.

Disable Automatic Connection Networks

Some devices automatically connect to a network when it is the range of a public hotspot. But this could be worst, a lot worst because it could not be safe and secure. Now, coming to Netgear Router Setup this you can do in the presence of a private network that is completely secured by a password and firewall security.

What can you do to complete the setup safely and successfully?

  • Just bring your device near to the existing modem and connect them both with each other through an Ethernet cable. After that take another cable and unite your computer or laptop with the existing one.
  • Open a web browser and enter the Netgear Router Default IP in the field of address bar.
  • A web page will display after a successful login, here you need to fill the default credential of username and password to proceed further.
  • Now, click Setup Wizard and after that Yes and then Next.
  • The setup wizard detects the type of available and active type of Internet connection. As it will spot the Dynamic IP. Here, you have to save the router settings by clicking your response on Next.

Note: Do not change the default settings (network name and password) unless the Internet Service Provider gave you particular DNS information.


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