Considerations for Securing Cloud Data For Small Business

Business organizations of all sizes are transitioning from the conventional method to storing data and information to using the cloud computing technology.

It is indisputable to say that cloud computing has made a difference in the world of information technology. It has become the most sought after means for those looking for proper data protection at an affordable rate while also reducing cost of operation. Using cloud data protection is the ideal solution to operation complexities within a particular organization.


Since the advent of cloud computing, business establishments are taking advantage of the many benefits it offers. It helps in securing and protecting data with the help of an internet based software. The advent of this modern technological solution has replaced the use of the costly traditional software that involves a complicated process with regards to installation, management, testing and security of information technology within a business organization. Asides being considered a great alternative to the traditional expensive software, cloud data protection is highly effective and efficient in integrating data. Nevertheless, due to  the potential  security threats caused by the evolving IT landscape changes, it is highly recommended that organizations observe adequate security measures in order to further strengthen the built-in security present to the cloud computing data server. Majority of the threats are as a result of the activities by cybercriminals with the technical know-how to hack into the present built-in security system of a cloud computing server. These cybercriminals specialize in stealing highly confidential trade strategies and intellectual property. Here are some helpful tips on how to further strengthen cloud data protection

Limit employees’ access to company sensitive data on the cloud

 In most organizations, a few numbers of employees are appointed to oversee the cloud data storage system. Reducing the number of employees with privilege of access to company sensitive data on the cloud is a sure fire way of protecting your organization’s most valuable information.  It is essential to use a stringent security system to monitor those people in charge of the cloud data storage system.  By so doing, confidential trade strategies of the organization and intellectual property will be fully protected and secured. Also make sure that employee assigned to handle and monitor cloud storage are trustworthy, reputable and well trained on how to securely handle and enhance the security of the cloud data storage system.

Segregate cloud data information

Though there are some information stored on the data cloud required on a regular basis for the smooth running of a business organization’s operational activities. The best ways to exercise stringent control measures when it comes to accessing data on the cloud is by segregating the cloud data information in order of sensitivity. This will further chance data protection on each level of cloud and prevent unauthorized access

Constant monitoring of the company’s server will prevent any form of external infiltration by cyber criminals. This is because cybercriminals continue to employ different tactics to steal intellectual property. So, IT employees must regularly update and improve the security system of the company.


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    Ricky Gilbreath November 9, 2016 at 9:11 am

    Cloud data security is a must even for small businesses to make the information private. Thanks for posting this.

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