Contentmart– The long-desired platform to seek quality contents!

Content is the need of the hour. If you are into blogging, you might have known the pressure of maintaining a blog properly. How often do you think of getting help from someone talented but could not because you did not find it reliable? Yes, we know the feeling! But the days are gone for such worries because Contentmart is there for your help. The long-desired secure platform for freelance writing that every content seeker and creator loves.

What is Contentmart? Basically, it is an online content marketplace for people who writer to earn money and for people who need content to grow business. This platform is a platform that connects a content buyer with desired content creator.

As it works in two ways, it has two perspectives as well– One from the client side and one from the writer’s side.

Contentmart– from Client’s perspective

Anyone who is in need of some good articles, blogs or any other kind of content, can seek help from the Contentmart or can register on this platform as a client. This free platform is smooth and works efficiently. From getting access to thousands of writers to easy payment system and refund process, Contentmart is a place that works on the user’s discretion.

Benefits of Contentmart–

  • It asks for no registration fees.
  • You have to pay only when you are satisfied with the content.
  • Easy refund terms.
  • Easy payment mode. You can deposit money easily by using your credit/debit card, internet banking, Pay Pal or Paytm wallet.
  • It has an in-built system to check the uniqueness of the content submitted.
  • You can easily check writer’s portfolio and past reviews.
  • Blogs, articles, press release, newsletter, brochure writing, proofreading, testimonials, and product descriptions– you can find every kind of content here.
  • Great and helpful support system to make your experience easier.


Such long list of benefits leaves no room for criticisms. However, there exist few–

  • Automated payment system. If the submitted content goes unchecked for five days, it will get auto-accepted.
  • You cannot ask content for prices no lower than 40 paise per word.
  • You cannot share personal information with writers.

Contentmart– from writer’s perspective

With the online revolution, many industries are slowing spreading its wings, and freelance content writing is one of them. Platforms like Contentmart are helping writers from different corners of the world get paid for their work.


  • A great way to earn money and to work from home.
  • Get access to more than hundreds of orders every day and to bid as per the desire.
  • Variable payment quotes. The minimum price per word is 40 paisa.
  • No registration fees. Contentmart charges only 20% commission on each project completed.
  • Anyone with a good English skill can start writing on this platform.
  • Automated payment system. If a client does not accept your content for more than five days, it will be auto-accepted.
  • Proper arbitration system that does not let this system goes corrupted and biased towards the clients.


  • No sharing of personal information.
  • No payment withdrawal less than Rs3000 or 50$.

Contentmart is regarded as one of the best platforms in the industry of freelancing. Happy Writing!

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