Cool Things You Can Make Tableau Software Do

Are you into data preparation and data visualization projects? Are you responsible for creating powerful visual content based on data and analytics? Do you work in a company that manages internal and external communication for Marketing, Sales and Reputation Management? Do you want to learn what it takes to be part of a team that leverages Self-Service Business Intelligence platforms for their frontline data analysis?

If you have a “Yes” for an answer, this article would reveal the coolest things you can actually do with the most fascinating bundle of Data Visualization platform – Tableau. If you choose a “No”- still read on. It could help you get the ‘dream’ job everybody wants in the current era.

‘Ask Data’ Tableau Software to Deeply Engage with Complex Data

Imagine what it would feel to ask your complex data sets this –

“Can you connect my customer data to the CRM and analyze by region, gender and business titles?”

Using ‘Ask Data’, Tableau users can see their outcome displayed in an interactive visual dashboard. The engine driving the data analytics and visualization are based on powerful Natural Language Programming (NLP). This tool is not based on typing of a keyword—but on the Intent of the Tableau user!

You Can Connect to 65+ Native Technology Platforms!

If you are hoping to work with the top business intelligence and analytics tools, start with Tableau. For the simplest of reasons, Tableau software helps the user to get acclimatized to more than 60 native technology connectors.

These are:

  • Salesforce
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Snowflake
  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Ads Connector
  • SAP Hana
  • Microsoft Azure SQL
  • Okta

Zip Through Your Data on a New Mobile App

In the first of its kind release, Tableau recently launched its powerful mobile app for iOS and Android platforms. At your fingertip, with a slide of your screen or a press of the button on your smartphone, the whole data visualization dashboard appears magically. Users can access their basic Tableau Server and Tableau Online platforms to scale the complex challenges of their analytics.

Tableau Mobile for Workspace ONE is one such mobile-based tool that is leveraged to integrate and securely deliver and manage any of Tableau’s app on the mobile.

The result: Much reduced run-time and minimal IT Support to drive your next Big Data project based on Tableau.

Mapping Details

Tableau keeps updating their mapping analytics, providing an enhanced mapping geospatial mapping experience to customers. It is supported by Esri Geodatabase, KML, and TopoJSON platforms.

In the best Tableau Training Institutes in Bangalore, Tableau learners can enjoy an updated version of the software with key features and beta programs that provide an out of the box experience to all.

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