Make your CRM powerful by integrating phone system

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an integral part of any business organization. It is the strongest and the most efficient approach in maintaining and creating relationship with customers. Powerful communication with customers is the core element of a skillful CRM.  Company needs to adopt various trendy and sophisticated technology to communicate with customers for making the CRM more potent.

Phone system are one of the best means of communication. Furthermore, in the advancement in phone system by the advent of VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system has made this system of communication super-eminent.

To derive the best out of CRM it needs to be integrated with the business phone system. This is an important to get an accurate knowing about every call making  betterment of services provided to the customers.

So, here’s why it is important to integrate phone system to make the CRM more powerful and smart.

Customer relationship management

1.Improved customer experience

Once the CRM is integrated into phone system the information about that particular customer automatically pops up when he/she makes a call. The customer support representative need not ask the customer about their information every time.

According to a research by Accenture 89% of customers feel frustrated if they are made to repeat the same information again and again.

This assist executives to put more emphasis on solving the customer’s queries instantly. A lot of time is saved on the part of customer as well as representative. Thus excellent customer experience can be delivered.

2.Contributes real-time data on live Call

For any business to proper each and every conversation with the customer should be considered important. Each interaction with customer can be a great source for providing valuable insights that can be helpful for the business prosperity. CRM integration with phone system helps to collect useful datas. For instance, an interaction with customers can reveal about the needs of the customers and this will help to crack more deals. Every time jotting down these information manually becomes tiresome and time-consuming for the executives. Phone system comes forward to record these information in real-time thus facilitating the Customer relationship management  work more efficiently and rapidly.

3.Better administration of working force

The integration of  Customer relationship management with phone system helps in improved staff management. A track on the undertakings of each staff can be maintained. For instance, record of call attended by each staff member, the average wait/ call time, highlighting the timings in the most traffic, and so on. These information helps to keep a track of sales performance metric. It opens up windows for any improvement in the team as well as in the individual prospective.

4.Professionalism heighted

An unmatched Customer relationship management backed with integrated phone system adds professionalism to all the undertakings of the company. Just like any other conversation marketing conversation also consists of two parties.

One persuading for purchase/ solving some problem and the other learning about the product/ how to solve the issue. The rich database available will ensure that all the calls can be satisfyingly handled with proper answers and further follow ups. This helps to boost goodwill among your clients.

5.Felicitous routing of calls

The calls received can be delegated to the proper and specified personnel who can answer the call in the best manner. This helps in curtailing the waiting time of the customer and boost customer satisfaction level  and results in long-term relationship with the customer.

6.Facilitate omnichannel marketing

First let us understand what is Omnichannel marketing? Omnichannel refers to the marketing experience under which the buyers are provided seamless experience, regardless of  channel or device. Consumers can engage with a company in a physical store/ online website/ mobile app, through a catalog or social media.

For a company to incorporate omnichannel marketing has become a must to survive in the prevailing competitive market conditions. According to a recent study conducted by Google omnichannel shoppers have 30% higher lifetime value when compared to single-channel buyers.

The integration of phone system helps to bringing all communication, tools and databases together streamlining it for the Customer relationship management. This contributes in proper synchronization of all the medias contributing a major role in boosting omnichannel marketing.

7.Call Recording

The call recording feature which comes inbuilt with the phone system serves as a boon to the CRM. The conversation between the customer and representative can be recorded and retrieved whenever required. Listening to these records one can confirm that the representative are treating the customers well and according to the cue. Training of employees for better communication can also be done by analyzing any loophole during the communication.

7.Voicemail automation

Many a times it becomes burden to the customers to receive your call every now and then. They may sometimes get frustrated with you constantly calling them. The voicemail automation which comes as a part and parcel of the phone system helps you drop your voicemails directly to the voicemail box of the customer. This can be done with just few simple and easy clicks.

Moreover, instead of delivering a new voice mail every time to each customer the executive can choose from a array of pre-recorded voice mails. This helps to save a lot of time on their part which can be utilised for some other useful purpose.

8.Serves as KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

The various data stored in the telephone system helps to keep a tract of the KPI by keeping a track of the call rate, conversion rate, up selling, cross selling and so on. It provides the managers and supervisors with the needed quantifiable data. It ascertains first-class services from the employees thus taking the services delivered to different level.

Market is over flooded with various companies providing phone system. Each comes with its pros and cons. Deciding the best among them to suit your company requirements is essential. Once you have integrated phone system into your CRM you can definitely provide the best of services to your customers and thus you will be unique which helps to raise up from the competitive market!!


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