Dedicated Server Hosting: A Perfect Choice for Big Websites

Particularly an e-commerce store or a website getting over 10,000 hits a day may require a dedicated server. It can be also effective for smaller websites and good to start with when traffic picks up on your website. Though, it’s a bit costly, at the same time you’ll enjoy benefits of precious bandwidth, disk space & free domain service. With a dedicated server host the other problems that you will experience such as slow loading speed, downtime & security issues, likewise the benefits of shifting to a dedicated server are numerous.

Top Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting



In a dedicated server hosting environment, there is no need to share server resources with any other user/website owner. Since a single user is dedicated with a whole web server for their website, you can resell the server space with other users and alter feature as per your needs.


A dedicated server hosting is known for offering reliable performance, as there is no such thing like sharing of resources with anyone else. This is why your website performs flawlessly, and receives more uptime. Dedicated server is only for one client, so you can customize your web server as per your requirements.


A dedicated server offers more security to its users, as you know that web server is not shared with anyone else, which will make your site less prone to cyber-attacks. Apart from that, you’ll get a hosting account with unique IP address on the same physical server which is not shared with other users.

Multiple Domains

The thing about a dedicated server is that you can host multiple domain names on a single physical web server. This is why dedicated server becomes a preferred choice of various hosting companies in India, web marketers & designers.

Bottom Line

A dedicated server hosting offers you multitude of opportunity to enjoy advanced & updated services & technical support. But, make sure you buy hosting services from a trusted dedicated web hosting service provider in India, such as Bluehost, BigRock, Hosting Raja, HostGator, and more. Only top brands can provide you excellent services along with 24×7 customer support facility.

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