How to Develop A Research Question

As soon as your research topic is accepted by the concerns, you have to start the process of improving your topic and converting it into something which is focused enough to help with your project. Try to describe your topic as a research problem which sets out;

How to Develop A Research Question

  • The problem which you are investigating
  • The thesis, or argument that you want to explore prove or disprove
  • Limitations of your research work which means what you will not going to investigate

This is far more important to establish the research problem in the beginning of your project. It is the most important tool that will help you to ensure that your work is going in the right direction. Each and every task you do must start with confirming your research problem and how and will this task help me to address the problem.

One must be willing to refine his or her research problem whenever they found more on the selected topic. For instance, you may find that data that you hope to analyze isn’t available, or you may encounter some new information or a very new concept while working on literature search, which makes you reconsider the basis of research problem. Keep discussing it with your supervisor before making any substantial revision in your plans, and describe why you need to make those changes. Here is an exercise that will help you to evolve your research into a research problem and into a pragmatic research question.

You may select the topic like “Public transport in Sydney”. This may be relevant with your research, however it doesn’t frame a research problem as it is too general. Spend some time to study each and everything on your topic and you will find something. However if it is short of time try focusing on a particular aspect under your interest. For instance you may choose this, “Examination of influence of public transport links on new housing societies in Sydney”. This topic is better research problem because it establishes and argument that public transport can effect newly developed housing society. But it is yet quite general and you can refine it with further focus for more detail visit this link DissertationKing.Co.Uk

Try this, “Investigating the relationship between the links of public transports and development of new housing society in Sydney: Comparison of Building development and local plans since 1990”. This is better; it shows the limitation of project. You will need to investigate a complex subject i.e. public transport in Sydney, however you will only focus that is its possible influence on developing housing schemes. You further limit your scope by investigating and focusing on limited time period.

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