Diet Chart You Need to Follow While You Are Climbing Aconcagua Mountain

If you belong to those people who love adventure, then surely climbing must be in your list of the things to do. Climbing huge mountains like Aconcagua gives you internal pleasure. Right?

But, before you go for Climbing Aconcagua, you must prepare your body accordingly and food plays a major role in making your body shaped for climbing. In this article, you will get to know the type of foods you need to eat during the climb.

Have Foods That Provide Energy

Depending on your total time for climbing, you need to cover up a long-distance every day. For most of the pro trekkers, it will take only 15-18 days to climb Aconcagua. The mountain is around 22,837 ft high. So, you can calculate the distance you are going to cover each day to finish your climbing in maximum 20days. You need energy for these long climbing. Food is fuel to our body. So, try to consume below-mentioned energy foods,

  1. String cheese

Pack some string cheese in your rucksack. 60% of it is calories, so it provides intense energy for the trekkers. To maintain your circulation and respiration process, you can’t forget to put string cheese in your backpack.

  1. Dried Fruits

High carbohydrate diet is helpful for high altitude when the temperature is cold. Consuming dried fruits at the time you are climbing will help you to acclimate to high altitude and enhance your performance.

  1. Energy Bars

There are some of the best energy bars available in the market that provide you instant energy. These also help to boost mental alertness. While climbing, your muscle needs to move on a constant pace. So, without energy bars you can’t provide enough calories to your body.

Have Foods That Provide Nutrition

Nutritional deficiencies can cause major damage to your body while climbing. Climbing high altitude like Aconcagua requires physical exertion. To cover this up, you need nutrient-food like?

  1. Nuts

Nuts provide energy, protein, omega-3, minerals, and vitamins. Especially, try to carry almonds. It’s rich in fiber and protein, thus provide high nutrition.

  1. Chocolate-covered Beans

Chocolate covered beans are rich in caffeine and fat. So, it work both as energy and nutrient food. You can easily find them in your nearest grocery store. So, make sure you carry them to maintain your health.


If you love adventure, then once in your lifetime you should go for Climbing Aconcagua. But, before you go, try to make your body as much capable as you can. It will reduce the chances of you being in danger while climbing. There are companies which arrange guided climbs on scheduled time. If you are a novice, then you can take the help from these experienced mountaineers to guide you along the journey. They also provide you guidance on your diet chart, that you need while climbing.

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