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The world is growing bigger day by day, and there are many entrepreneurs and enthusiasts taking steps to enter the market of money. When you think of an idea to be converted into a business, or you have an existing business, there are always traditional and conventional methods available to you to market yourself to the people, your potential customers. But just the idea is not enough. Because if you have only an idea or a business, but no knowledge where the world is leading, what giants are opting, it is always foolish and won’t help in any growth.

Now the question comes that if the traditional marketing methods would work slowly, or not work at all, what are the new methods? Your answer is – Digital marketing. It is a term that is quickly gaining attention in the market due to its numerous benefits and proven examples of stupefying results.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is simply the marketing done by using digital media tools on the internet to gain the attention of people using the internet and convert them to customers. Digital marketing is everywhere now, every business you look on the internet has a website which is designed with an aim to get more and more views so they can be converted to customers. But having a website is not enough. As said earlier, every business is having a website now. So, the question here is how to make it more useful and come up in google search results. The answer is the use of digital marketing tools. Now let us learn a bit about digital marketing tools.

Digital marketing tools

SEO is the first term that comes as a solution when thinking of digital marketing tools. SEO is search engine optimization. It means optimizing the content of your website or blog in a way that it wins the race of google searching. This is done by using the best keywords that are available in the market. Next question comes that how a keyword becomes best? A keyword is becoming best when it is the word that is most searched on the internet or has a potential to be searched by the public. So, when you choose the keywords in your content that are in the thought process of any user, your content comes up more quickly.

It is simply choosing the words for your content that have a higher probability of being searched on google. Thus, optimizing the search engine based on this is SEO marketing.


Next major important term that comes in the picture is branding archetypes. Have you ever thought why Nike shows race and running videos? Why they show motivational videos instead of showing up the technical things about their product? It is just because they generate feelings. Showing up technical things won’t generate emotions. So, archetypes are the set of characters that can relate to your business values, product applications that can fit customer’s emotions and make them feel that their personal goals can be achieved through your products.

It is a normal human tendency that they are attached to the product and its experience. Someone has rightly said – “People do not buy a product, they buy emotions.” So, archetypes are a key to your business because they can connect a user experience and emotions with your business values as well as your product.

12 basic archetypes can usually be connected to your business. Let’s say, Explorer, for a travel bag company, rather than showing the volume and fabric of the bag to people, show a person in your advertisement taking the experience of that bag. This will connect their emotional need that they want to travel like the guy in your ad. Thus, it will attract them towards your bag, and this way you win a customer.

How can you market your business with social media platforms?

This is not just a way to market; this is a way to business. Business is all about how you connect with the customer and its emotions and mold your product and your marketing strategies accordingly. Also, this is the point where Archetypes create a major difference.

Here, social media also comes in picture when you market yourself. Search engine optimization is a fantastic tool that will bring your name on top in results. But that will happen only when a user does search, and a user will search only when he is looking for something specific. So, there must be a way to create a desire, that’s where marketing on social media comes into the scene.

Most of the people are today active on Facebook and Instagram. So, why not keep pinging people through ads, videos, and photos on these websites. There are many desires that one doesn’t usually know unless he/she sees a picture of it. Social media marketing is something that helps to create interest in people to come to your website and explore your product.

So, all these things, Digital marketing, social media marketing, web development, SEO marketing, Archetype integration, are the services that you can get together in a package form. When you hire a company, make sure that they provide these services together in a single package.


For you to run your business smoothly, you need to break the barrier of being a common supplier in the market. This can happen if you opt for the latest technologies in the market, the latest tools available in the market and make the perfect use of it. The Internet is reaching to every home, so all focus across the globe is shifted towards marketing on the internet. As a business, you need to market yourself on platforms of the internet, social media and other places as best as possible. Otherwise, the day is not far when you will be left out with debt only and no customers.

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