Discord won’t open – how to fix it.

What is Discord?

One day I was just sitting in the home and the day is going as usual, one of my friends called me and says that brother I have an issue with my phone whenever I am playing video games the display comes with a message called “discord won’t open”. So here the question arises “what is the discord”, the answer is discord is the software for free voice and text chat used mainly throughout the community of gamers. It was available on all the platforms like Windows, MacOs, android, IOS and, Linux also. Right now, this software has about 87 million users. The android app of discord is also available in the google play store. This is the perfect platform for the chatting with team members of the game also used to see who is playing online, and we can also catch them on text conversions. It also provides text chats for groups while playing games also. It includes some important features like the ability to mute others link videos and photos etc. If you think that this is only for the gamer, that’s not right, it can use as a regular text free messaging app also. And it is free software for all the users.

Discord won’t open – how to fix it.


Discord won’t open

This is the common problem for all the users whenever they try to open discord, it was not able to open. Some users also say that whenever they try to open discord wont open sometime the screen appears blank and the background is just plain. It is also not going to fix after the reboot or complete reinstall of the app. This problem also arises due to session or cookies. And there are some bugs which also causes this problem. Some might also experience that their all the tasks were automatically killed. So here I am going to tell you what are the best ways to fix this problem.

Best fix for discord won’t open

If you are using an android app of discord and it was not able to open, then firstly you should delete app data and try to reinstall it. There is another method for Android users, you will have to open the app in the web browser and do the login process again, this will reset your account. Then you have to open the app on your phone and the app will run smoothly. If You are using on windows, there are various methods. One of the methods is to kill the task files. You have to press the windows key + r and then you have to type cmd.exe and then press enter, after that there is a blank window tab comes in which you have to type “task kill /F /IM discord.exe” and press enter then try to launch discord again, I hope your problem will be fix. And you are able to use discord smoothly and do all the conversions very smoothly.

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