How to ease your online payment process

The roots of modern economy lie under the aegis of digitization and an adequate parameter to measure the benefits of digitization is the flexible and easy modes of payment that it offers in order to facilitate hassle free transactions.

The online payment mechanism is one of the biggest landmarks of modern technology. The ease of payment and the comfort of shopping at home makes online shopping the most viable mode of payment in today’s world.

Though the online modes of payment settle your transactions at a lightning fast speed, you can follow a series of steps from the end of both, the consumer and the website-host to further simplify the process and conduct it more rapidly.
The steps required are enlisted below:-

  1. Save your card details

Debit card

Whenever you opt to pay using the online payment option, there is an option of paying using your credit or debit card on various platforms such as e-commerce websites, online megastores, in-app purchases, payment for installation of an application or software etc.

But, will my card details be safe?  Well, with the use of latest encryption and tokenization, the online payment gateways can vouch for the safety of such details under normal circumstances.

During the checkout process, you can save your card details on your computer so that you don’t have to repeatedly enter them again and again when you purchase something online.

In order to save your details, you are required to click on the “save” option in the dialogue box asking the permission to save your card details as you transact the amount. Alternatively, you can configure your settings by ticking the “remember card details” in the case of an online or application account.

  1. Use payment wallets


Today, there are a number of voluntarily created currencies that are widely accepted. Most of them like Paytm, Freecharge, Airtel money, oxygen wallet and much more are originated by trusted sources.

These virtual currencies can be used as a secure and quick method for online transactions. Also, you can avail additional offers or cash backs by adding money to your wallet. For instance, one can use the mobikwik wallet offers to avail a cashback of up to 50% on mobile recharge.

All that you are required to do is add some money to your wallet and your payments are just a click away! What more? You can also transfer money from or to your bank account using your payment wallets. This feature significantly increases the liquidity and accessibility of your money along with serving the benefit of swift transactions.

  1. Remove the restriction of a designated account

payment account deatails

A step for the website hosts and online shopping places. Instead of putting the burden of remembering another username and password to your consumer, you can develop a payment gateway in which a person is not required to create an account on the website in order to purchase a commodity or service.

This would not only make the whole payment process easier and simpler for your customer but it would also serve you by generating more leads and conversions for your website. Also, a small step like this would give you a competitive advantage over websites that require their potential customers to create accounts.

Customers condemn this activity primarily because they probably won’t want to wake up to a promotional e-mail sent from your end and secondly, they would prefer more of a call-to-action option over creating an account after keying in unnecessary details.

  1. Avoid using 3rd party services

third party

As we all know, generating and materializing a sale is the most integral part of the marketing cycle. Hence, if you use any 3rd party services like Paypal at your payment gateway, the potential customer may feel insecure about his money or he may feel that he is paying to someone else instead of the vendor. This might result in hampering the trust of your consumer.

Such practices may also lead to lower conversions and even lower sales than the company’s potential. A better option would be to create your own payment gateway or use the gateway of the respective bank that the customer is dealing with.

  1. Use ATM cum debit cards

Debit cards
With the advancement in technology, today we have debit cards that also serve the purpose of an ATM card. If one uses these cards for making online payments, he would just be required to enter his ATM pin instead of the whole password.

This does not only serves the benefit of putting less constraint on your brain by removing the need to remember another password but it also enables you to save some wallet space by carrying just one card that would be enough to settle both, online payment using the debit card and offline payment using the ATM cash.

  1. Just ask for relevant information

A consumer tends to adhere to the least number of formalities when it comes to transacting online. They are usually asked to fill in some information about themselves like their name, address, phone number etc. The vendor should make sure that the customer is just keying in the information that is absolutely necessary for facilitating the transaction.

The implications of asking for additional information is a lack of interest and more annoyance on the part of the consumer. It also results in delayed sales and more complexity during the whole operation.

  1. Provide a range of payment options

Payment options
It is a daunting task to cater to a customer’s want and lead him to the payment page. It is indeed heart-wrenching to lose conversions solely because of lack of payment options. Therefore, it is convenient for both, the seller and the buyer to facilitate flexible modes of payment. A seller should provide diverse modes of transactions like credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, net banking, payment wallets, electronic cash, cash on delivery etc.

This enables the customer to transact without any restrictions or negative repercussions. All the major e-commerce ventures, online mega stores and application/software providers such as Amazon, Flipkart, Google Play, Lifestyle, Microsoft solutions, Alibaba and much more provide flexible payment options for the utmost satisfaction of their target audience.

Final Words

The digital age comes with it perks but there is always some ambit for betterment. Although there are certain precautions to be taken while making payments online, the above-mentioned measures open the doors for a more comprehensive and satisfactory payment mechanism for both, the payer and the payee.

You can try different metrics and sets from the pointers mentioned above and check what works the best for you. After all, it is never too late to adapt to a better tomorrow!

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