The Easiest Ways to Pay Your Energy Bills

These days, you can find and sign up for a number of payment options to pay your energy bills in the UK. The best thing about these new payment options is that, whichever option you choose, you can always access your monthly utility bills and payment history through your online account and cross-check the details. Please look into the given list of options to choose the one suiting your convenience:

By Direct Debit:

  • Direct debit is the latest and trending option to pay one’s bills as it is also the cheapest way to pay your energy bills. However, if you are using this method to pay your bills, you need to keep a close eye on your monthly bills in order to confirm if you’re paying the right amount or not.

  • Quarterly Direct debit gives you the freedom to pay a lump-sum amount on quarterly basis, rather than paying a fixed amount on monthly basis.

  • You can opt for variable direct debit option if you don’t want to pay a fixed amount to your energy provider. In this payment scenario, the energy company will collect payments from your bank account at regular intervals, which will be based on your average usage of gas and electricity in the last quarter or previous six months period.

By Cash/Cheque

If you are not comfortable sharing your bank account details on online platforms (although, it’s 100% safe), you can always opt for the payment via cash or cheque. However, you need to understand the point that you won’t be able to receive as much discounts as offered to direct debit customers. (This is because, direct debit always gives an assurance to the energy suppliers that you’ll be paying your bills on time but paying via cash/cheque doesn’t have this guarantee.)

You can use any of the following options to pay via cash or cheque:

Standing Order: In this payment method, a payment amount is set on your account and is directly sent to your energy provider. You can also use your credit card to make the payment. Please call EDF Energy Contact Number to confirm if you’re eligible for any discount or not, if you choose this option.

Payment Swipe Cards: You can either use your credit/debit card or else can get a payment card from your energy supplier and can use this payment swipe card to pay your utility bills at any PayPoint or post office.

Prepayment Meters: You get energy tokens or energy credit (on a swipe card) and can use them to pay energy in advance. If the credit gets low on the card, you can get it top-up once again with the help of the executives at EDF Energy Contact Number.

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