What is EMF Protection and does it Work?

You may have heard of the term EMF before. It refers to the Electro Magnetic Field which surrounds many electrical appliances. These include common devices such as your cell phone, microwave or even your car. Basically wherever there is an electrical current there is a field around it which is a result of the movement of the electrically charged particles in any device.

This field is actually a type of radiation and there has been an abundance of research into its affects on the human body. It is particularly relevant to those who use computers or mobile phones a lot. In fact this is why it is seen as becoming an increasing problem and the health effects are still not confirmed as detrimental or not. However, it is widely accepted that extended exposure to any form of radiation is detrimental to human health

The Solution
It is not possible for the average person to stop using electronic devices. However, it is possible to purchase an EMF protection device to reduce or eliminate any harmful effect created by this form of radiation. There are a variety of firms on the market offering EMF protection devices. They can range from wearing special radiation shields to sleeping in an EMF proof dome which fits over your bed, much like a mosquito net.
There are several options to reduce or eliminate your exposure to this potentially harmful source of radiation:
• The shield can be a case for your phone to sit in, or a mat for your laptop to sit on. The case is designed to absorb the radiation and even to reduce the amount of heat being emitted from an electronic device. These types of devices can be carried with you or used at home or even in the office. They are surprisingly discreet and are said to be extremely effective.
• Time is also considered to be an important factor. This is because this type of radiation can build up over time and gradually have a detrimental effect on your body. By the time you are aware of it there will be little you can do to correct it. To help prevent this build up it is best to keep your computer and cell phone turned off when you are not using it and to take breaks from using any electrical equipment; especially if you are using it for a long period of time.
• Distance is also a critical part of the issue. The Electro Magnetic Field only operates within a short distance, after that it is absorbed by a variety of other objects which effectively reduce its harmful effects on you. Some of the worst culprits are actually the chargers for your laptop as well as the device itself. Ideally you should charge the laptop when you are not using it and simply keep it as far away from you as possible. This may mean using your laptop on a table instead o your lap or leaving your phone on the side and not in your pocket. The more you avoid the EMF the less likely it will be to have a detrimental effect on your health.

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