Enhancing Shower-Time, Naturally

Showers are easily the most refreshing part of our mornings. Without a decent shower, it becomes difficult to maintain a clear line of thought and productivity throughout the day. Obviously, the first prime reason for showers is hygiene, but it is clearly so much more than that. It is the time we spend with ourselves, nurturing our body, mind and subconscious.

One of the keys to a great showering experience is the choice we make regarding the soap we wish to use. Soaps contact our skin directly, thus making it either too oily or too dry, or sometimes luckily, just perfect. Indirectly, the freshness and aroma spreading from the soap relaxes and comforts our brain senses.

Realizing that soap is a big part of our life, it isall the more reason to try and get to the bottom of it. Or, at least, get to know a little more about what goes into it. The marketplace is filled with soaps of all kinds and aromas yet they can be broadly classified into two types, namely- Handmade soap and Factory-made soap.

A lot of consumers these days are making a flip in their choices and taking the decision to buy natural handmade soap mostly because it is made from a chemical reaction between water, lye (sodium hydroxide), and fats and essential oils. These fats and oil are processed to turn into soap and glycerine by the chemical process of ‘Saponification’. Once completed properly, this procedure leaves pure soap, glycerine, and some residue from the natural ingredients. Handmade soap is usuallyprepared in very small batches.

Such a soap may not be necessarily organic, but what one can be sure of is the fact that it will not contain a single speck of synthetic chemical which might end up harming the balances required for healthy skin. On the contrary, these soaps help in restoring healthy skin back from damage due to ingredients like essential oils, natural butters and other natural oils.

Usually untrue according to the claims made, commercial soaps do not contain glycerine. In contrast natural handmade soaps online will usually contain high levels of goodness of glycerine. Glycerine is a compound that soothes and moisturizes the skin, known to have the ability to draw moisture out from the air and into the skin, thus helping skin remain soft and moisturised for a long period of time.

If you still need a reason to switch from your regular commercial soap to a naturally processed soap, following are five reasons for the same:

: One should remember the beauty in supporting entrepreneurial artisans, small businesses, and individuals who are into the task of processing handmade soaps.

: Natural soaps keep your body allergy-free due to its natural and safe ingredients while smelling completely natural.

: Natural soaps not just clean, they exfoliate. Soaps that contain chemicals are usually trick work pushed into the marketplace only for the purpose of sales and profits.

: Natural soaps are unique and special because of the way they make you feel refreshed and relaxed.

: Natural soaps prove to be very cost effective when you considering the health cost that might have to be incurred using commercial soap.

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