Everything You Need to Know About Hay Day Game

Hay Day is an entertaining game which is free, but customers need to pay for extra features. Supercell developed and published this cool game. For iOS, it was released on 21 June, and for android, it was published on November 20, 2013.

Hay Day

Hay Day

About Hay Day

Hay Day game became very popular, and Supercell earned millions of money in a month from Hay Day, and it was one from the top 5 highest game in income generated.

In this game the owner of the farm is unable to take care of his farm, so players are given this responsibility to take care of his farm properly, they will require all their attention and skills to run it correctly. In starting off this game, a scarecrow teaches the players about the harvesting wheat.

We can swap crops with or friends, and we can make changes too. Players can make their farms unique and they can also invite their friends through Facebook to work for them for a season.

If players do well then they get real rewards for their good work. They earn coins from it, and these coins help them to buy production buildings and some item for decoration. Experience points can also get by coins which help the players to level up.

As our neighbours help us just like this in this game also, members of the neighbourhood and the player can help each other when in need and both use a chat function.

How Could We Get Our Farm Back In This Game?

As we reach to next level, we lost our old farm. Just confirm the information that appears there

• Farm name
• Level of the game
• Notice the last time you played
• Then Select your farm

At last, just log in into this Game Center using your email address you connected for the first time to your account. You will get your farm back.

How To Transfer This Game To Another Device

• To transfer it, we need to have access to both of our devices, i.e., our iOS device as well as our android device.
• If you have iOS devices then to transfer your farm, it needs to be connected to the correct Facebook account.
• If you have android devices then just open this game on your device and connect your farm to your account by clicking the connection button on facebook in the in- game settings.

We Can Play Hay Day On Another Device Too

• Firstly we need to check that if we are logged in with our account or not.To check this, first tap on this game.
• We should check the list of application that has access to our account to find this game and this is turned on.
• Sometimes we want to play on both the devices, so it is possible only when our farm is connected to our facebook account.

Hay Day Farm

Hay Day Farm

We Can Delete Our Old Farm On This Game

• Close the application
• Log off game centre
• We need to create a new game centre account
• log on GC with that new account
• install this application again
• after installation, an option will appear to confirm loading your old farm in which all the data will be mentioned about that farm
• If you don’t want that farm, then you can skip it, and your farm will be deleted.

Some Important Tips to Play Hay Day

Try To Grab More Diamonds

Diamonds are a very valuable form of money offered by hay day. There are many ways to get diamonds to play easily.

• We could get diamonds at the end of a level.
• You can receive a diamond on Facebook.
• We can get a golden chance to get five diamonds after log-in to our facebook using this game.
• When we discover a movie ticket, then we will be provided by two free diamonds.
• There are some trailers for this game so; if we watch these trailers then also we will get some diamonds.
• Once we reach to level 24, then we can get diamonds through mining.
• Contests and competitions are held by Supercell, which provides us the opportunity to get diamonds.

We Can Sell Our Goodies To Get Extra Coins

• To increase the number of coins into your digital wallet than just have a look through other farmer’s newspaper.
• Purchase the things in bulk and sell it to the others, you will be benefitted by this method.
• Try to make your sells public with the help of advertisements.

Always try to maintain the balance between plants and animals present in your farm.

Keep animals feed, but you can’t ignore the need for some feed to make more complexes items to sell in the market.

Hay Day Hack Tool

Many players have used this tool. With the help of Hay Day Hack tool, we could get unlimited resources like coins and diamonds. To get these resources from this tool is very simple and safe and it can be done by few clicks.

If you want to be a good farmer on hay day, then we can take advantage of this tool

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