Everything You Need to Know Before Opting for a 4G Data Plan

Access to the Internet has proved to be a major boon. Besides connecting people from different walks of life, this service has even led to the automation of various services. However, its greatest presence has been felt in the smart phone market. In recent times, the most noteworthy development with regard to this is the innovation of fourth generation services.

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4G network performance

4G, which stands for fourth generation network, has managed to surpass the speeds offered by 3G and 2G networks. The fourth generation technology encompasses different types of technologies under it, which include WiMAX, HSPA+ 21/42, and LTE. Of these, LTE (Long Term Evolution) is considered the best. One of the best indicators of its superior performance is evident in its download and upload speeds. In India, operators that service all 22 telecom circles or have a pan-India license are able to offer the best coverage to users, which is one of the things to take into consideration when opting for a carrier network.

4G LTE – the most reliable 4G technology

To support the fourth generation network, manufacturers in the Indian market have also begun to introduce sleek fourth generation-enabled handsets. These devices make it possible to utilize the network services to the optimum and enjoy high-speed data. Brands that have a major standing in this segment include Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, and LYF. Smart phones by LYF are particularly designed to support the LTE network and are also referred to as VoLTE phones, for their ability to offer premium high definition voice and video calls over a carrier’s fourth-generation LTE network.

Although fourth generation is mainly associated with data services, it can also be used to facilitate calls with superior clarity. VoLTE is capable of offering better coverage and connectivity, which are crucial components that regulate the quality of calling services. Another highlight of VoLTE is its ability to extend your battery life. This is because calls are mainly made from 2G or 3G networks, wherein a fourth generation user’s device switches bands while initiating a call. This constant switching between bands is very likely going to drain the device’s battery, which is why VoLTE is much better.

4G plans in the Indian market

The Indian telecom scenario has received an impetus with the arrival of fourth generation. Top brands like Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio, Vodafone, and Idea Cellular have been the most preferred in recent times for their diverse 4G plans packages and exclusive offers. Vodafone offers 4 GB data at Rs. 852 (validity: 56 days), Airtel offers the same quantity at Rs. 755 (validity: 30 days), and Jio offers 4 GB data together with unlimited night time browsing for Rs. 499 (validity: 28 days). In terms of 1 GB plans, Airtel’s plan costs Rs. 255, with a validity of 28 days; Vodafone’s plan, which is also valid for 28 days comes at Rs. 297; Jio has a structured 750 MB plan coupled with unlimited night browsing that is valid for 7 days and priced at Rs. 129. Idea also offers 1 GB plans at Rs. 249 (validity: 28 days), whereas its 4 GB plan costs Rs. 745, which is valid for 30 days. Other service providers offering fourth generation plans include RCom and Telenor.

With the right guidance, choosing a 4G plan won’t be too difficult for you now. You have the flexibility to choose as per your budget and enjoy high-speed connectivity wherever you go.

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