Exciting features of a medical video camera!

With technology rising up, hospitals these days are investing big in medical video camera. You can now record operations, stream them live and also keep them in backup. In the medical world too, there is a requirement of a good set up for several reasons. A lot of students have practice lectures through the operations run by expert doctors that are sometimes streamed live.

It is essential for a medical centre or a medical teaching centre to have some of the best recording appliances, which also have several other vital functions. In the world where no one wants anything less than HD, new innovations like HDX are here. If you want to know more about the exciting features you can get through a Matrox Monarch HD and HDX professional video streaming and recording appliance then keep on reading…


  1. Features of the Matrox Monarch HD-

    This professional video streaming and recording appliance is a boon for your medical work. If you want to live stream an important operation with students across the globe, then you can make that happen through this machine. This small and easy to use appliance is designed for professional use. You can stream any live events and also record them for future use. The best thing is that it has two different tasks of streaming and recording in just a single unit. This works towards better clarity in picture too. It is great for audiences watching this as the sound quality and video quality are going to be 100 percent up to the mark. With this equipment, you can not only get the finest quality of video and sound, but you also get the versatility to use any format like MP4 or MOV files. You can directly import these files and upload them whenever you want without any hassles. The practical and easy to use design makes it comfortable for first timers to handle this machine. Also, it is small equipment and hence, it can be carried along if you have to record a certain medical procedure.\

  1. Features of the Matrox Monarch HDX –

    We know that the HDX already sounds exciting and guess what? It is an advanced version of the HD device. This is yet another simple, small and versatile appliance, which is made for broadcasters, who want to deliver high video quality and sound to their audience. You can record files while you are broadcasting it too. The frame area is larger than what you would ever expect and the video quality is to die for! You can control this appliance from your laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phones. It is a versatile piece of device, which is great for medical videos camera HDX.

When you are producing medical videos, you need to make sure that the quality is immensely good so that all the steps can be clearly viewed. These two devices are a boon!

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