Facebook has figured out a new way to Spy you from your smartphone camera

So you think you finally figured out facebook’s privacy and security features right? Think again.

Facebook has made something scary — in simple words new way to track users through their photographs.


Yes you have read right.

In a patent application recorded in January 2015 and as of late hailed up by Geek.com, the informal community examines a strategy for “associating cameras with users and objects in a social networking system.”

According to patent application Facebook’s platform would use factors like lens scratches, faulty pixels, color bleed, image artifacts etc to create a fingerprint for a camera to identify a picture taken by anyone with particular hardware (smartphone’s camera).

Facebook also suggests in this patent, this feature will be used for tracking multiple accounts or fake accounts owned by a single user (which is actually not allowed)


It’s really essential to note: This is not simply discussing conventional metadata. Metadata is all the additional data included in a file past the picture itself: A timestamp, the camera’s model utilized, GPS directions, etc. This metadata can be utilized to track individuals, but on the other hand it’s anything but difficult to evacuate it with a touch of specialized expertise.

Sounds cool, but in other side if facebook knows that picture is taken by you but it shows in someone else’e account, facebook knows that you have connection with that person. Even facebook will be able to crawl the web and can find more photos you have taken from your device. Oh really ?


The kind of information the technology takes into account is, according to the patent, much more ambitious. It will look at the image itself to try and build up a unique “signature” or fingerprint of each camera, based on physical characteristics. This might include “faulty pixel positions in the camera, lens scratches, dust on lens, camera artifacts,” and more.


In short — the tech may notice that a photograph transferred by two accounts has an imprint liable to be taken about by a scratch in the same place, and have the capacity to finish up from that that the two photographs are taken by the same camera.


So what’s it for? Facebook gives two or three cases. It could be utilized “for deciding proclivity” between clients, for occurrence — if numerous clients utilize the same camera, they are liable to know one another, and can along these lines be prescribed as companions in the event that they’re not officially joined.


Then again, it could be utilized to assist distinguish “with faking, false, or additional accounts.” A abusive user may have had one account banned, and the innovation, “alongside other information,” could help identify whether they therefore rejoined the informal community. (The Next Web additionally recommends it could be utilized to help focus unique responsibility for picture in cases of affirmed burglary or written falsification.)


It’s a to some degree disturbing thought. Any photograph you take could possibly be utilized to distinguish you, regardless of the possibility that you don’t demonstrate your face, evacuate the metadata, and do exclude any recognizing items.


The innovation depicted in the patent doesn’t appear to have been incorporated into Facebook yet. What’s more, there’s no assurance there ever will be: Plenty of tech organizations record licenses that never advance into completed items.

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