Features of TeamSpeak 2 & 3 & TeamSpeak Server

TeamSpeak 3
TeamSpeak 2 is a server that can be considered as an ideal tool for online education, gaming, training, internal business communication, and staying in touch with friends and family. It is a connectivity model that focuses on delivering a solution that is easy to use, with high-security standards, excellent voice quality, and small system and bandwidth usage.

Benefits of TeamSpeak Servers

For an extensive rich featured usability, its extended version TeamSpeak 3 has been introduced. Featuring client-server architecture, TeamSpeak 2 & 3 & TeamSpeak Servers are capable of handling up to thousands of simultaneous users. TeamSpeak 2 & 3 & TeamSpeak Server are designed in the manner that can run flawlessly on 56k modems that are It is unbelievable but even if you are on a 56k modem or some other corresponding speed TeamSpeak, 2 will work correctly without any hindrance. No matter what position your number is at as a modem count, you will get the perfect speed and quality with TeamSpeak 2 & 3 & TeamSpeak Server. The best part about this server is that they use an insanely small amount of resources.

How to Make In Function?

You can host your TeamSpeak server or rent by getting in touch with an Authorized TeamSpeak Host Provider. You can share your TeamSpeak server address with anyone you want to speak. After sharing your address, you will be connected with all whom you wanted to be on your list. Now, you can start talking. It’s easiest to use.

List of Features

Offer Excellent Voice Quality

TeamSpeak 2 & 3 & TeamSpeak Server uses the Opus audio codec delivering unmatched voice quality. They have also combined automatic microphone volume adjustment that enhances the sound quality. For the best deliverance of voice, background noise reduction feature is associated with whereas echo cancellation ensures crystal-clear communication.

Provide Scalability

The TeamSpeak servers allow you to scale from small group conversations to large conferences with hundreds of participants. You can enjoy the pleasure of group communication as well. With their powerful permission system, you decide: who can talk, who can remove users, who can join channels, and much more.

Offer Secured Communication

TeamSpeak 2 & 3 & TeamSpeak servers include AES based encryption that can be optionally allowed for the complete server or specific channels on the server. This technology avoids potential threats arising from weak usernames and passwords; TeamSpeak uses public-private key authentication for outstanding authentication and security assurance.

Wrapping Up

You can choose the customized themes, sound packs, and designs from hundreds of add-ons for creating a TeamSpeak user community. Sharing, downloading and allocating the data are instant and effortless on these servers. It is best of enterprise intercom. You can install these servers by getting in touch with a renowned TeamSpeak server provider.

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