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Mundane service and a lack of others wanting to go the extra mile for you can really put someone off a potential service provider, so when encountering those who are eager to go above and beyond and afford you an extra smile here and there, it is important to consider these as veritable bankers, which you want to bank away for the future. They are few and far between, sometimes, but when you find the right fit for the right service, then that’s when one is fulfilled and joy is returned to the scenario.


This is very much the case when it comes to real hosting plans. With too many hosting options simply offering the bare minimum, with no bells and whistles and no extra value additions, unearthing the gems is such a pleasant experience. But what must one truly be looking for when judging the goodness – and ugliness – of a hosting provider? Well, there are a handful of factors to take into consideration when embarking on this journey, which might be a quick fix or could end up being quite a difficult stance to take when push eventually comes to shove – or perhaps even sooner rather than later.

Website service
A nifty little service that is developing as an industry standard nowadays is effectively a client relationship management centre or portal. Here, rather than emailing or phoning in to a generic call centre, you can have a genuine text-based conversation with a thoroughly trained professional to help you with your existing problem. Quite often, they will have a lengthy list of problems that have been encountered previously, and can then obviously advise you accordingly based on that former experience undertaken by others. This really is a great tool and makes one hosting provider stand out from the other, if they are willing to put in the legwork and employ these sorts of quirky, quick to act professional advisors.

Trouble shooting
It is really nice to be able to trouble shoot problems yourself. If it a problem with the Wi-Fi router or the fibre connection around your house, the hosting site should have a list of things you can do to probably fix the problem yourself. Yes, it will take a bit of work yourself, but if you can do it without the intervention of them, the fix will happen a lot quicker – and you will be back on your way to surfing the net and playing online games with your friends.

Their social media presence
Social media is far more than fun and games these days. There is a genuine market for companies to prove themselves on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like. A good social media presence, with regular engagement, puts customers at ease – and ensures their thinking surrounds the fact that their chosen provider has a finger or two on the pulse of developments around them. So it’s more about genuine engagement and a proper service offering than just liking and sharing Facebook and LinkedIn or other social media in posts – and retweeting the news of other brands.

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