Flying objects are all Aliens?

At the end of 1846, Admiral Richard Ember, an experienced polar explorer, was given the task – to direct research expedition to Antarctica, code-named “High jump.”

The objective of the American expedition was the study of the ice continent, bears the name of Queen Maud Land, or New Swabia. Equip it, however; it was enough for a peaceful expedition. By the shores of the ice continent went: aircraft carrier, 13 ships of various types, 25 aircraft and helicopters. The expedition consisted of only 25 scientists, but there were 4,100 marines, soldiers, and officers! Soon the American newspapers were reported that the real purpose of the expedition was to find the secret “Base-211 and Area 51“, owned by the Nazis.

Creating a database on the icy continent, the leaders of the Third Reich began in 1838. First, the research ship was sent to the coast of Antarctica. It is located on the seaplane photographed nearly a quarter of the continent, and dropped to the ice metal pendants with a swastika. Germany declared herself the mistress of a vast territory known as New Swabia.

Then, to the shores of Antarctica secretly headed for the submarine to sea wolves Admiral Karl Doenitz. After the end of World War II documents were found, indicating that the researchers found in the New Swabia system of interconnected caves with warm air. Reporting on the results of the expedition, Doenitz said: “My divers have found a true paradise on earth.” In 1843, out of his mouth sounded another incomprehensible to many of the phrases: “The German submarine fleet is proud to be on the other side of the world has created for Fuhrer’s impregnable fortress.”

To the underground city in Antarctica could exist peacefully during the Second World War, the German Navy has made unprecedented precautions. Any vessel, which appeared in the ocean area, washing the Queen Maud Land, immediately start up on the bottom during the biggest alien invasion.

Since 1839 began a systematic development of New Swabia and construction of the Nazi secret base under the code name “Base-211”.

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