Fun things to do around Bangalore that don’t involve Nandi Hills

When you think of doing something other than the usual shopping and malls scene in Bangalore, for some inexplicable reason, Nandi Hills always comes to mind. For those, who come to the city for the very first time, driving down to Nandi Hills and pulling off an all-night drive is considered the height of cool. The college crowd in Bangalore loves doing this. But, when you have been in the garden city for a long time and you begin to hunger for some grown-up fun in Bangalore, things to do like the ones mentioned in the list below will only make you fall in love with your city even more:

Wine Tasting

A sure-shot sign of having grown up is being able to tell your wines apart. So, if you want to get that sommelier instincts honed up and ready to impress, a trip to the Grover Vineyards near the Bangalore International Airport will do you much good. This works both as a romantic outing and for those who want to know a little more about their cherished bubblies.


Go fishing

So, what if you have never angled in your life before? There is a time and place to learn everything and the fishing camp at Bheemeshwari is the right place for this activity. If you have any doubts about why you should be doing this, buy yourself a copy of ‘A River Runs Through It’ and have Brad Pitt tell you all about the intricacies and beauty of fly fishing in his own style!


Fancy a spot of hiking in the hills? Savandurga is an important feature in every trekker’s calendar for Bangalore. This huge monolith is just 60 km away from the city, and with a height of 4,050 feet, it surely is an adrenalin-seeker’s paradise.

Coffee picking in December

Very few people know that coffee was first grown in India in the state of Karnataka. Chickamagalur, the hilly town in the foothills of the Mullayingiri hills, offers tourists a great opportunity to learn more about the history of this beverage and go coffee picking with the natives. There are many home stays in the region, which would be glad to host you and show you the nuances of growing your own coffee.

Pottery Town

Kolkata has Kumartuli, and Bangalore has Pottery Town. Albeit not as famous as its Bengali cousin, Bangalore’s artisan village can still give the best a run for their money. Here, you will find ample opportunities to capture exotic frames, buy terracotta and clay pots and pans for your kitchen, and may learn a trick or two to spinning the wheel.

Chasing history in Whitefield

Whitefield is the last bastion of the Anglo-Indian settlement in Bangalore. This is not to say that the Anglo culture is not an integral part of the rest of the city, but it is only in Whitefield – in the area around the Hope Farm circle – that you see life through their eyes, without any outside influences. Just roaming around looking at the names of the roads and the lovingly built homes is conducive to nostalgia.

When planning for your weekend getaways, you can definitely include them in your list for fun-filled time!

Author’s bio: Having lived in the city for over twenty years, the author is an expert of sorts on Bangalore things to do. You can find her blogs on eventshigh.

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