Garage vs Logic Pro X-Features to Know by Users

Musical and technology sector has recently witnessed drastic revolution with the launch two innovative digital software applications by Android Group. These are GarageBand and Logic Pro X. Although, users opt to use both of these applications for creation of music collections and podcasts; still there are few of the key differences present in both products, about which experts have mentioned here.





GarageBand is a specific application available for iOS, which helps individuals to create their own music or podcast collections. Here, you will find an innovative podcast designing system to allow users in creation of two or more than two different musical tracks with the help of advanced designs loops and keyboard, voice recording systems and array of instrumental effects.

Logic Pro

Logic Pro acts as a digital audio workstation and software application for the MIDI i.e. Musical Instrument Digital Interface sequencer for the OS X platform available for MAC devices and other similar computers.

How Logic Pro X and GarageBand are Different

Difference Based on Recording Facility Range

GarageBand is the simplified version of Logic Pro that allows users to record large numbers of live vocals and instruments on their personal computers. For this, you require external interfaces, which range of MIDI keyboards and USB microphones, iRig Pro and guitar modules.

Logic Pro comes with exclusive 20,000 that is further available in combination with majority of them coming with the help of optional free download of 35GB. This, you will find a substantial difference in Logic Pro X than merely sheer volume present in its lower version Garageband. You can enjoy garageband in your PC but can’t dothe same with Logic Pro (Check: Garageband for pc)

Inclusion of Special Sound Creation Tools

Logic Pro includes a special suite of various impressive sound creation tools, like Ultrabeat Drum Synthesizer, Space Designer, EXS24 Sampler, which do not available in GarageBand. These are few of the powerful additions, which allow individuals to create tones with highest possible precision. Logic Pro X also incorporates an efficient feature of musical score, which helps in automatic converting of musical creations into complete notation for all people, who actually are able to learn music.

Difference Based on Editing Tools

GarageBand comes with simple as well as usable edit controls, where you only have to slide the volume of the track in downward or in upward direction, pan the signal right and left direction as well as fade-outs and fade-ins via manually, or automate on the timeline. Logic in contrast, incorporates a big plethora of editing abilities, which reveal the thoroughbred nature present in the product. Lastly, Track Stacks in Logic allows users to group together related musical tracks, like elements present in orchestra and backing vocals and sub-mix parameters at the same time.

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