Geo Advertising Points you Towards Targeted Customers

Geo-targeted advertising is the new buzzword that is all about the distribution of TV ads on targeted location based on country, city, organization, IP address, ISP or other criteria. All this is the result of changing viewing habits. Now, traditional TV ad viewing no more in demand, as geo-targeting has made a special name in the field of advertising. In fact, targeted television advertising market is expected to grow by billions of dollars in the upcoming years.

Advantages of Geo-Targeting

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Your Ads Will be More Relevant to Local Customers

For some small businesses, industries, and local restaurants it is better to advertise locally rather than the entire country. It not only helps save money but also help small businesses to target their customer base from few locations that can benefit them in many ways, such as your brand will become locally relevant, and more people will opt for your services.

Allows You To Hide Advertising Strategies from Your Competitors

The next biggest advantage is that your competitors in the market never come to know about your advertising strategies. With the combination of geo-targeting & IP exclusion, this is also made possible finding your audience. This new form of TV advertising prevents your competitors from seeing your ads and keeps your strategy safe in the market.

Geo-Targeted Advertising – Main Challenges

In the realm of advertising, there will be so many challenges, some of them worth noting, and some values a lot. Sharing here some of the most common challenges, have a look at them:

Judging the Locality of Your Customers

When it is about targeting a mass group of people from the given area, the difficulty is in judging your targeted audience from a particular country. It is because the people located in Kolkata does not mean that they are mainly Bengali or from Kolkata, so how will you assume their interests.

Gender Biasedness: Assuming in Advance

It is not easy to know whom you are going to target. Let’s understand this with an example, in India a female is usually not considered into extreme sports – ice climbing, kitesurfing, motorsport, bodyboarding, and others. The basis of this perception, you will deprive the importance of females in the extreme sports-related advertisements. This could result in a loss of potential opportunity, so this one is also the biggest challenge for the advertisers.

Language: Top In the List of Barriers

When targeting a particular location in India, the biggest challenge is translating your ads into multiple languages. In India, there are there are so many languages spoken throughout the country, and this is why it becomes hard for you to decide the language to use in your ad.

Final Words

It is not deniable that geo-targeting can be helpful for big and small advertisers when used in the right way. Hence, it is better to understand the complete process and how it works for the success of your advertising business.

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