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Note 4


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a premium 5.7” screen and with Quad HD and Super Amoled Display. The user can enjoy clear images with precise colour saturation and high contrast. It boasts of a high resolution and a tremendous viewing experience beyond the imagination of human eye. The special display will drive the user to feel the vivid and fluent colour as if looking with naked eye. The Note 4 is truly an optimised device especially for web-browsing and e-reading.

What is new about the phone?

  • It has an advanced camera that shoots clear and bright images using both the rear and the front camera. The smart OIS back camera of 16MP provides one of the best results capturing the best moments of life and that too in dark surroundings.
  • Samsung galaxy has introduced a smart select in this phone where the user can easily and freely select the text and the content on any screen whatsoever with the help of Spen. The content can also be selected from any apps also which can be further selected, shared and saved immediately.
  • There is an option of photo note which basically is anew a way to take notes. The user here can make his notes, take photos with the help of photo note and then instantly convert the analog into digital. Notes can also be edited; colours of the photos can be changed and inert additional memos with Spen comfortably.
  • The Spen that is offered has an improved touch and the feel is almost like a pen. The experience of writing with Spen is fascinating as the handwriting experience is digital. This is possible due to enhanced sensitivity of pressure. The user if wishes can enrich his writing through an expression which would be precise.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is an intuitive device which is free flowing hence multitasking can be done naturally and conveniently. Note 4 gains flexibility and has a multi window that can manage multiple applications on a single screen easily with the use of simple gestures.
  • The device is the smartest as it has a high capacity of charging faster and even if it is charged for a short time, the use of the phone is not shortened. The speed has improved considerably and the waiting time of Galaxy Note 4 has decreased significantly.
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