Gmail gets new block feature


Google continues to add feature timely tweaks to its product and now this time around Gmail gets new updates. Gmail for web w’ll now allows users blockspecific email addresses and this definitelyfeels like a respite for several users. Onblocking email addresses, emails from those users can directly go into the spam folder. The three dot menu among Gmailcan show the new option. it’s completely different from the ‘report spam’ you’ve been using until now.

gmail_update (1)-min

you can currently block specific email addresses in Gmail—starting today on the web, and over the next week on android apps. Future mail can move to the spam folder (and you’ll be able to unblock unblock in Settings),” Google explains in a official Gmail blogpost. Along with Block, Gmail has additionally declared the new ‘Unsubscribe’option. Now, the unsubscribing option is already out there for web users, and currently the button will extend to its app. it’s currently available todownload from the Google Play store. “The unsubscribe option is now making its way to android, thus you’ll be able to opt out of eligible mailing lists directly from the Gmail app. It’s perfect for those newsletters you subscribed to a while back but don’t read any more,” the post states.


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