Google Inbox : Get A Golden Ticket Easily By Inviting Just 3 Friends


Google Inbox : Get A Golden Ticket Easily By Inviting Just 3 Friends

Hello Everyone ,

Today we are going  to Get the Review about newly Launched  Google Inbox.

Yes, Google inbox , It was unveiled by Google for the first time last week. It’s been created by the people who already craeated Gmai 10 years agol . It Gives a new era for emails. It is integrated into Gmail which is more useful and  well  organized .It’s been designed to focus on what really matters.

Basically Google Inbox  is lot like Gmail ,categorize the mails automatically by itself, also  bifurcates the Facebook and social as Social Category and maintains  other categories such as  Travel, Finance as well as Purchases.

All Google Inbox users have only three invites which they can share.

To find the Google Inbox Page just go to This Website :

I experienced already, You too can experience it by Inviting 3 valuable Friends and make them to join you.  Because it lasts for 3 invitations.

To start with, just go to Inbox app and click on New email and Tap “Invite to Inbox” which depicts  a Golden Ticket for you. Then you can select the email id’s to which you want to send invites. Then Click on “Invite”. But condition is you can send request only to three any of your friends. So please think once before sending it.

If in case you have not received any Google Inbox Invitation , Just send a request to mail id :

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Automatically stay organized:

It gives you a platform to segregate all mails according categories in separate groups to access easily . For Example : If you want to make group of all Facebook mails, it does for you in  a simple way. So that , it makes us to do quick actions. And also adapt custom categories by selecting whichever mails you want to see together as grouped.

Provides Highlights and Information you need to glance:

Google inbox highlights the key information messages like event information, reminders
, photos or documents which are emailed by your friends or relatives. It just display some useful information from web which are not actually mailed by your recipient, which includes  flights real time status(which is not known by web ,fetches the information for you). And also it fetches some information which you need to only glance..

Snooze the tasks for Future

If you won’t be able to do the task right now because of inconvenient place , you cannot give your focus on something extra or  you cannot act on it presently, then Inbox Snooze away with mails and Reminders. Pin the first emails or messages  and act on them first. You can set  it afterwards to view once you get specified place, or  use it when you don’t have any other stuffs to do with.

For example :

1.If you put a remainder to call hardware office store, Inbox automatically gives you Hardware store Number and tells you if its open.

2.If you want to make online reservation online, Inbox will fetch you confirmation mail.

3.If you want to book a flight online , Inbox gives a link to check with.


Google Inbox


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Know the Buttons:

Google Inbox introducing series of  buttons such as Sweeping a category represented by check mark icon, which can Dismiss all emails.Once to sweep,  emails will be sent to Done tab  situated in top left of menu.

By clicking on Thumbtack icon, you can pin the emails to your favorite Inbox, which you want to still read or follow for future.If you want to  dismiss Pinned item from your inbox , just use check mark button to swipe it out. For later use you will find it in Done tab.

For replying or forwarding or for creating E-mails , just open Individual email. You will be seeing button having three dots on top or beside of Email Header, or next to time it was delivered( inside the email item). Click latter to find  reply or forward options.


Google Inbox


Some of the limitations of Google Inbox:

1.Google Inbox works only with personal Gmail Accounts. If you have app for custom Google account of school , or work, you won’t be able to use the Google Inbox.

2.Although, Google Inbox uses Gmail, It isn’t necessarily requires a replacement for Gmail.

Hope you like it….

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    Suresh Khanal November 12, 2014 at 8:34 pm

    Looks it is the another generation of eMails. I’d seen the mentions about Google Inbox but never got sufficient time to check what it really is, but your post made me clearer.

    I’ll have to ask for the invite. Why not to stay more organized, isn’t it?

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