Google launches New Chat App Allo to compete with Whatsapp and Hike: Know All Features of Allo

Google launches New Chat App Allo to comete with Whatsapp and Hike: Know All Features of Allo

Google launches new app for smart messaging and video calling.

people are highly addicted with Whatsapp and Hike now, Here comes google’s new app called “Allo” a new app for smart messaging.

here we are covering all new features of Allo app from google.

Instant Sharing:

whatever occasion is from a new baby birth to celebrating any festival we want to share these moment from our all friends and relatives. so here we have the new app from google Allo.

Google calling this a fresh look for chatting.

Easier And More Expressive:

Allo makes conversation easier and more expressive with machine learning technology.

this Gif define the feature itself.


INK: get creative with the photos you send by doodling on them

Know All Features of Allo


what is machine learning technology ?

with this technique smartphone automatically fetch most used words and it will put in front of you when you type.
Although this feature is already in whatsapp and hike.

Smart Reply:

Google introduced smart Reply built in (similer to Inbox), so you can reply any message even without typing anything.
yes! you have heard it right. google will find appropriate reply over time for you and you need to just touch and send it.

for example it will learn whether you are more of “Ha-Ha” vs. “LOL” kind of person.

The more you chat with Allo and it will fetch more words to suggest to you.

Although Hike has already this feature but Allo’s smart chat will work with photos, yes! it will related to the content of the photo.

Know All Features of Allo


Integrated Goolge Assistant:

Allo also features the Google Assistant, so with the help of Google Assistant you can add information, places and all.

you dont need to switch apps while doing things done, like book dinner or movies, get up to date with news or play a game.

With Allo you can add things like maps, YouTube, and also you can translate in real-time.

google assistant:
The Google assistant in Allo understands your world, so you can ask for things like your agenda for the day, details of your flight and hotel, or photos from your last trip.

And since it understands natural language patterns, you can just chat like yourself and it’ll understand what you’re saying. For example, “Is my flight delayed?” will return information about your flight status.

Know All Features of Allo

Incognito mode:
yes google has implemented incognito mode like chrome. Incognito mode will have end to end encryption in Allo.


NOTE: Allo is not available to install now but you can register yourself on playstore and when app will launch you will get link to download on your mail 🙂

Happy Chatting !!!!

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