Guide to Using IDM Free Downloader

If you worry about internet download speeds and feeling that your service provider isn’t giving you the best, using IDM crack could be the best option ever. IDM or internet download manager is an application which allows you to easily download different files faster. You can download multiple files and enjoy the speed increase feature which allows you to get your files downloaded 5 times faster compared to ordinary download speeds. IDM also offers other features which will help with your download work and the task management tool comes with a number of benefits which you should know and understand. However, this can only happen if you know how to use the idm free downloader and this post will guide you into this. Read on…

How to use IDM free downloader

Before discussing some of the basics on how to use the idm free downloader, it is worth pointing out that some of these tools could also help protect your gadget from corrupted files and harmful malware. Here is how to use IDM free crack: –

Download the tool

The first thing is to download and install the Internet Download Manager into your computer. you should follow the installation guidelines given to ensure its installed properly.

Confirm the connection settings

Once you have the IDM installed into your computer, the next thing is to check the connection settings to make sure everything is right. In case you are using broadband connection, you should select high bandwidth connection by going to “Options” and then select “Connection”

Change default maximum connection number

You will need to increase your default maximum connection number by opening “IDMan.exe” and then going to the “options” tab. Select the “connection” tab so you can change the “Default maximum connection number” to the highest available. Once this is done, click “Ok”

Turn off speed limiter

Speed limiter can affect the overall speed for which your file downloads are done. You should therefore turn off your speed limiter by opening the “IDMan.exe” and then downloading the menu to the menu bar. With this done, click the “speed limiter” button and then select “Turn off”. Once this is done, you will be able to download all your files at a high speed thus retaining them in their original quality.

Free more space

You will need more space in the IDM and the best way to get this is by deleting some of the downloaded items therein. With fewer items in the IDM queue, you will have some more space for your new download files.

Close other open applications

Other applications are likely to download at the same time as your download files but this can be prevented by clothing them down first. While they do no harm to the process, the truth of the matter is that they will also consume the internet and the RAM. You will need the IDM to use the RAM and the best way to do this is by closing the PC apps.
IDM free crack works better when there is decreased online traffic and downloading your files at night could be a good option. Always download when there is no much online traffic or when fewer people are online.

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