Top 15 Highest paying niche for newbies Blogger

Highest paying niche

Are you the blogger and earning less money through AdSense?

If yes then you’re at right place

Don’t worry today I am showing very interesting thing which helps you to make more money with same work which you are doing on your blog.

The trick to making more money is select and write a post on the High CPC keyword.

CPC means cost per click. Normally you can get 0.09$ per click but after using this high CPC keyword you can get more money on per click.

Here more money per click I am not talking about 1$ or 2$ I am taking 10$ to 50$ per click this is the use of CPC keywords or best niche.

The question comes in your mind this is possible?

Yes, it’s possible I have tried and used this above trick personally.  Plus point of this niche blogging you can make more money

To make money and get High CPC firstly you should rank on the first page of Google, to rank you good at SEO and you should write a good SEO friendly post and give more importance on a blog post.

This all thinks will help your post to rank easily.

Here I am sharing highest paying niche for blogging. Start Blogging Create Your Own Blog 


Top 15 highest paying niche for blogging


  • Health (no health no wealth)
  • Make money online
  • Technology
  • Relationship
  • Celebrities
  • Fashion
  • Insurance
  • How to blog
  • Social media
  • Download website
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Beauty Tips
  • Entertainment niche
  • Breaking news
  • The web development niche


1) Health

Health is best niche for blogging in this health niche blogging you can get up to 20$ per click, Health ranked on number 3 of a most profitable niche in Google AdSense.

This niche is the evergreen niche where you get more traffic from developed countries. Because people search more about health and Fitness. I suggest to this niche only when you have knowledge and interest in health.

2) Make money online

This is another good topic for blogging, this is most searched niche on the internet since the internet is started many people want to earn money from the online world.

This niche doesn’t have any exact value of CPC but his niche will improve your Google AdSense earning.

3) Technology

Technology is the niche by which you can get more traffic and best CPC because technology is increasing day by day and every on in new features and new technology will arrive for the promotion of the new feature technology blogs are needed.

In this niche, you can earn from AdSense and by offering about gadgets wide range of searches done for gadget specification.

4) Relationship

Another niche of higher payment is “Family and Relationship”. Every day many people look for useful advice on the Internet on the relationship. So there is a great demand for this type of blog. An ideal blog in Family and Relationship may contain tips on parenting, solving family problems, advice on sex life, etc.

5) Celebrities

Celebrity fans are more excited to read GOSSIP about their favorite celebrities and the Internet is the best source for it. Therefore, a blog about a celebrity will be a beautiful niche to start your blog website.

These are the few topics in which you can start the blog. In addition to these, you can even write a blog about politics, cricket, online dating, etc.

6) Fashion

Each person wants to look attractive, fresh and genuine. If you have good knowledge of fashion like what kind of clothes to wear at a certain time then you can write in this niche as well on your website or blog.

7) Insurance

This is the highest paying niche topic. If you are planning to start a blog about banking and insurance, then surely you will guarantee more profit than others. CPC rate of this type of ads is generally between 30 to 50 dollars. Many different fields fall into this category like online car insurance quote, car insurance, cheap car insurance, etc.

8) How to blog 

This is an every green niche of internet marketer where every keyword has good CPC you should do some hard work for ranking this niche on Google.

9) Social media

social media niche is also is a good niche for blogging in this niche you can write about the tricks and tips of social media. Social media basically come under technology niche, nowadays social media users are increasing so you can much organic traffic and good CPC from this niche.

10) SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO simply means search engine optimization. It is a technique through which you can make your site more visible and very user friendly in the search engine. There are countless numbers of websites and blogs exist in the internet world and everyone wants to improve with SEO for your site. That is why this topic of search in large numbers every day and one of high paying niche in Adsense.

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