How Can Schools Benefit From Online Fee Collection With Mobile App?

Most of the schools are embracing the digital ways to render better services to the parents. One of the leading technology that is helping the teachers in better connecting with the parents is a  mobile app. There are several benefits of using a mobile app like Teno in schools. Let’s go through them one by one:

Teno School Fee Payments


Easy Fee Payments

With the use of the mobile apps the schools can quickly send the fee-related reminders to the parents.

One Click Reminders

The parents can send one click reminders to the all parents. It reduces the office work involved in the sending the fee notes to the parents. It leads to minor consumption of the school resources which can be used somewhere else.

Fees Goes To School’s Bank Account

When the parents are making online school fees payment using the mobile app, it goes directly into the school’s bank account. It ensures more transparency and brings more trust into the system. The schools are assured of the timely payments from the parents, and the parents are also comforted that the fee is directly going to the school’s account without having to pay any extra charge while using the app.

Online Receipts

One of the key advantages of making payment with the mobile app like Teno is that the parents get the receipt online and instantaneously. It means that they don’t have to spend time waiting for them. It also helps the school as no extra effort is required making the system is simple and well streamlined.

Ease Of Tracking Payments

When the payments are made online using the mobile apps, it maintains the proper payment history. The main advantage of it is that all the payments can be well tracked without making any extra efforts. The feature is very useful in case of disputes when the need may arise to see the past payment details.

No Restriction Regarding Fee Type

Your school may be offering various kinds of courses, the fees of whom are to be charged separately. Even then you can make use of the mobile apps to receive all kind of the payments. The schools can set up all kind of fee collections without any restrictions.

Lesser Time To Register

When the parents register for the making payments with the school app they can do so without much complexity and within minutes.

Thus the mobile apps make the life of the parents comfortable as they don’t have to worry about the school payments. For the schools, they are good as it will bring down the related administrative costs and bring savings to the school.

Better Communication Between Teachers & Parents

Besides making fee payment easier, the mobile app like Teno help in rendering better services to the parents. With the aid of the app, the teachers can communicate with the real-time messages. There are many other benefits, let’s take a look:

Connect Throughout The Day

The parents are now more connected to the teachers as they can send the messages on real time basis using the mobile app. They can share what their kids are up to in the schools.

Share Videos And Images

As the mobile app like Teno, come with multimedia support, the teachers can be creative while sharing the progress of their kids with the parents. They can make use of the videos and images and ensure that the parent gets the best experience while interacting with them.

In the end, a mobile not just makes the life easier for parents offering online school fee payment, but it also ensures that they are most updated about the latest development regarding their kids.

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