How Parents & Teachers Can Benefit From Mobile App?

Technology has changed the way the schools are imparting knowledge to the students.  Modern age parents are more tech-savvy than ever. They are busy but want to keep track of their kids when they are in the office or traveling.

This is where mobile apps have a significant role to play. These apps are loaded with many features which make them very useful in parent-teacher communication.

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Stay Connected

With these apps, the parents, teachers and schools administrators can remain connected throughout the day with real-time messaging. As today’s parents want to know what is happening with their kids in real time, with this feature they can do so with ease.

Benefits For Schools

With the free app, schools can do away with all the paperwork and can get rid of printing the newsletters. This can bring many financial advantages.  The app for teachers helps them in communicating the class notes and reminders securely. This way the schools are less frustrating when the records are being returned late. It also reduces the complexities of the school by relieving them of the continuous flow of phone calls or notes not being able to be delivered.

Benefits For Parents

With these apps, the parents can continuously remain in touch with the activities in the school. These ways they are always connected to their kids. The parents are assured of timely delivery of the notes. They can also come to know about the upcoming events in the school. It is especially useful in the situation when both the parents are working. With the apps, the schools or the teachers can get the real-time messages. So when a schools event is postponed, they can get the information instantaneously.

Technological Advantages

Most of the mobile apps currently prevalent in the market consume fewer data and work on all the communication platforms like 2G, 3G, and 4G. Further, this mobile app runs on all the devices which ensure that the parents don’t have changed their devices to use the app. The best part about using the mobile apps for teachers is that they can drop message even if the parents are offline. When they become offline, they’ll get the message.

Most of the mobile apps come with the privacy control features. It ensures that the mobile numbers of parents or the teachers aren’t exposed to anyone. As these apps are free, so nobody pays.

Files Sharing Is Easy

As most of the parents who are technology savvy want to know what their kids up to, in the school are, the teachers can share the daily activities with the help of multimedia support provided in the application.

This app for teachers allows them to share Image files, PDFs, Word Files, Excel Sheet and Power Point Files. They can even go further as with the app they can share videos as well. Thus a mobile is very helpful. TENO is a very popular mobile app which has most of the features and lets parent communicate with teachers rather quickly. It’s is free and is worth trying.

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