How Smartphone Has Changed Our World

Hey in this article I am going to share how smartphone has changed our world and digital transformation.

A few years ago we should do our work itself or today world we called is offline.

Smartphone has made a huge change in human life, the new technology made human lazy.

You may ask how? Do you want to eat food? Okay, just order from your phone. Want to watch movies? Fine, just book from your phone. Want to go outside? No problem, just book an Uber.

Before 5 years, if you want to book a movie ticket we had to go to the movie theatre, stand in a queue for 15 to 20 minutes to get tickets. It was all the same in the restaurant and same for a cab.

We are getting everything by just clicking on a smartphone, some trendy app or by a fast call. This made human lazy & get addicted to smartphone and technology.

Nowadays, everything has changed to digital & mobile phones. We are living in the digital era.

If you want to transfer money to someone just transfer from your mobile phone in a few clicks, and the second person receives money almost immediately, in fractions of a second.

One of the biggest markets is the gaming market, here also the mobile phone plays a huge role to change the gaming world.

In this article, I am sharing 4 Digital Transformations that changed the world and are going to change much more in future.

  1. AI
  2. Block Chain (cryptocurrency)
  3. VR (Virtual Reality)
  4. Edge Computing
  5. 5G

AI (Artificial intelligence)

How Smartphone Has Changed Our World

AI is increasing in 2018 and goes on increasing in future. Products like Alexa Google home and Siri are making the user experience more easy and fast.

No artificial intelligence going to help in the businesses, many companies have their own chatbots to chat with their customers.

Some companies are referring to the AI because AI has more power remains in AI in everything from customer service, marketing, analytics and more work in the companies

I think we’re still in the beginning, but we’ve seen IBM Watson, SAP Leonardo, Salesforce Einstein and other major software companies, which launch AI integrated into all their platforms. This is a signal that what will come in future.

Block Chain (cryptocurrency)

How Smartphone Has Changed Our World

Bitcoin Made a place in a stock market in 2018 and it is second top search term in the search engines, risen up to 400% in the last 12 Months.

For me, this is not a surprise. While the financial industry will be the first to start using this amazing tool, many others – from health care to entertainment till hospitality – will not be far behind.

It is believed that the move to Blockchain will not come overnight– only 20% of business finance globally will use it until 2020. But once it finds its ocean feet – this year is most likely – there will not really be any turn.

VR (Virtual Reality)

How Smartphone Has Changed Our World

New technology as introduced in the field of computer science that is Virtual reality (VR). Virtual reality has made a huge change in gaming, entertainment education, computer science & engineering.

Using VR headsets anyone can find himself in the Virtual environment. Which Gives you real-life experience.

But the main use of VR is made in gaming, VR has changed everything in the gaming world, this makes you immersive and bests personal experience.

His game has transformed into the VR game Which more attractive using this technology. Think about how it is like when you are playing VR slots machines and it feels like you are in a real casino or playing in the Sierra Madre casino in Fallout: New Vegas

Games with VR technology will be used in the future in many online casino sites for their blackjack, roulette and slot games.

VR made a best digital transformation in 2018.


How Smartphone Has Changed Our World

As soon as the amount of data produced by the IOT will limit the data, the mobile providers will be forced to move forward faster than the 5G.

The level of hyperactivity that users today expect that does not leave a room to move on the path of 5G but is not very excited.

The change to 5G will not happen overnight and is likely to be irregular at best during the next year.

Today, much of the Gigabit LTE movement is being driven by Qualcomm Snapdragon technology, but others will seek to get involved in this fast-growing market for mobile devices.

That’s it about digital transformation that changed the world and it’s going on in the next level in the coming year.

So make sure to share this article with your friends and family so they get some knowledgeable digital transformation how it’s changing the world and which makes easy to fit you in this new upcoming technology.

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