How to buy Airtel DTH HD?

Do you want to take a new DTH connection? If you are going to invest into DTH, then you should make sure that you do it in the right place. Airtel DTH HD connection is one of the best services giving you value for money and you should give it a try. Getting an Airtel DTH HD connection at your place will turn out to be easier than you think. The fact is that you would not need to take the burden on yourself. Everything will be done for you. Let us see how you can initiate the process so that you enjoy live TV at your place.

#1. Get the Airtel Thanks app or try out the website – You can get in touch with Airtel by one of two ways. You can browse to the Airtel website. The other option open to you is to download the Airtel Thanks app and run it. Both of the processes would turn out to be quite similar. Even the two interfaces are almost the same. You would have no trouble to find out the right place for it.

#2. Check out the Buy option – You will find the ‘Buy’ option in the menu on the top of the Airtel website. When you click on it, a menu will dropdown. You would need to hover over the option ‘For Home’. A few options would be available on the right. Then when you hover over ‘Digital TV’ option, you would see 2 more options – ‘Standard & HD’ followed by ‘Internet TV’. Selecting the options will lead you to a page.

In the app, the ‘Buy’ option offers a separate ribbon for the users. If you want to get Airtel DTH HD, you should tap on the ‘DTH’ icon on the ribbon.

#3. Select the location first – On the app, the location option would be at the top. For the website, it can be found on the top right. Selecting the correct location is important to view the plans available for your location. The location would be set to ‘Delhi’ by default.

#4. Select ‘View Plans’ under HD-High Definition – Since you are looking for DTH Hd, you would need to select ‘View Plans’ option under HD-High Definition. Once you do that, you would be taken to another page where you would be asked to select your plan.

#5. Select the plan – In the next step, you would be required to select the plan that you want to proceed with.

#6. Offer your contact number – Once you have selected the plan, a screen will pop up asking for you to share your contact details. As soon as you do that, you would be asked to enter your name and address

#7. Check the summary – On the next page, you would be able to see the summary of the payment for your new DTH connection. You can pay for the service at the moment or after installation.

If you are interested in buying a DTH HD connection, these are the few simple steps that you would need to perform.

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