How to copy audio from copyrighted CD

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Today you will learn How to copy audio from copyrighted CD to your Computer if the disc is write Protected. While I was doing blogging in internet some of my friend Commented me and said.

“Hi, friend I have bought a CD from a shop last night consisting of songs of Kannada movie which is recently released. I wanted to copy the file to Hard Drive and share to my friends through USB. But it is copying the Songs. Size of songs 1 KB to 2 KB’s each.And plays well in computer when the CD is inserted . But Once I removed the CD. I am getting some error messages Saying that ‘ File not Found’

I’ve got Fed up of this.Having the CD ,I Could not Copy the songs.

then It suddenly thought in my mind that It is write Protected ( not allowing to do the Piracy). I have spent around 50 Rs. each. But I am not able to make it permanent with me by Copying it into my Hard Disk to listen Every time . I have to insert the CD every time. very difficult to manage, And to share to my friends even…

So, Please help me out

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then I thought of writing Article on this issue , So that, it will be very useful for all who are finding difficult to short out the Problem.

Let’s see what is the solution:

most of you face this problem many time. in these days for Piracy Protection all CDs and DVDs are write protected. but we have to insert CD or DVD everytime when we have to listen songs. But from now you don’t need this just follow steps and get rid of it.

just insert the CD into the CD drive of your computer.Don’t Copy any files inside your Hard Drive.

Now you don’t need to install any software for that just follow the step:

Every Users having the Windows media player updated version compulsorily.Just You need to open Windows media player which is installed built by.Just enter into Music on it .

you will find Album option above of it on top.

Once you click on it you will find CD icon on your left panel of Desktop .By clicking on it, you able to see all the files such as songs on Center of it as shown in below


How to copy audio from copyrighted CD

How to copy audio from copyrighted CD



Just Make Check label to select Selected on Songs, which you want to copy in to Hard Drive as shown below


How to copy audio from copyrighted CD

How to copy audio from copyrighted CD


Then just Click on Rip Music and the effect of which is as shown in the Fig 3.

How to copy audio from copyrighted CD

How to copy audio from copyrighted CD

Once it got finished , it will be saved in default Music in C:UsersusernameMusic as mp3 files . then you can copy into preferred location easily……….

If you are facing problems like this please tell us we will write for you.

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