How To Find Someone Used Your Computer

How To Find Someone Used Your Computer

To check someone used your computer in your absence, Is it possible? Yes! this is possible to find someone used your computer when you were not around there. It will help you a lot when your are living with one, on who you suspect or if you are outside from your office because of some work, So By using this trick you can watch every activity of your computer. we have a two way to check this

  1. By checking Window Event Logs manually.
  2. By using a software to find computer start or shut down time.

Let ‘s explain it one by one……….
By checking a Window Event Logs manually

  1. Right click of mouse on my computer then choose Manage
  2. Expand Event Viewer then
  3. Expand Windows Logs and right click on “System” option and
  4. Choose Filter Current Log option
  5. In the window pop up, look for Event Source drop-down option and choose Power Troubleshooter and click ok.
    find someone used your computer

    Filter Current Log

  6. Now look at the middle pane, you will see all the event in descending order of time. Double click on any one to see more details,  that you suspect in this periods your computer might be used in your absence.
    find someone used your computer

    Window logs

By Software There is one tool for it, named TurnedOn TimesView for checking computer start/ shut down time. Using this software you can find time and date when your computer was started or when it was closed.

find someone used your computer

TurnedOn TimesView

It will show you not only a shut down and start time of your computer but also tell you the

  1. Duration (How long your computer had been turned on).
  2. Shutdown Type (Will tell you that computer was get powered off or restarted). Very interesting and useful.
  3. Shutdown reason also.

You can download this tool from below link: TurnedOn TimesView   Note: Have you any doubt, any problem? you are free to ask me? just comment here.

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    Emmanuel September 2, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    Hello Yogesh,

    This is indeed something worth trying it out. And I am going to check it out as well.
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      yogesh vishwakarma September 2, 2014 at 8:54 pm

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